Tianchao | Demystifying the new tools of Gen Z’s emotional companionship, creating a new era of stress-free social networking! _acquaintance

Original title: Tianchao | Demystifying a new tool for Gen Z’s emotional companionship, creating a new era of stress-free social networking!

The rapid development of the mobile Internet has caused Internet social users to gradually migrate from the PC side to the mobile side.And with the changes in social media, the social group has also undergone fission, and the socialization of a single acquaintance no longer meets the social needs of users, so the social market has begun to expand to strangers. However, social products for strangers stumbling in the development process because of their complex and changeable uncontrollable factors.

everybody knows,Social software is a gathering place for traffic, But in the social market where the dividends are dissipated, it is almost impossible to grab market share through social acquaintances.More and more young users areEscape from the circle of friends. For friends who set “Visible for six months”, the album will be blank. Contrary to the cold social sharing trend of acquaintances such as WeChat, new social sharing such as soul and Tianchao ushered in a great explosion of user activity. Those who don’t want to say nice things to relatives and friends are all shared here.

In a world of technological explosion and unlimited communication, what we feel is unprecedentedLonely and helpless. When the whole world can be socialized, we cannot use the most primitive way to obtain truly effective communication.

The development of 5G technology is driving the main theme “Semi-acquaintance socializingThe voice social app Tianchao’s multi-scenario social products have gradually become a hot spot. Tianchao is mostly based on voice chat rooms, and language chat makes the social methods of making friends more diversified, meeting the social needs of surrounding scenes in stress-free scenarios.

Day chat, use entertainment to cut into the social scene of acquaintances. This process from a half-acquaintance to an acquaintance is to close the relationship between people and accelerate the transition of the half-acquaintance stage. At the same time, in the process of closing the relationship, the relationship can be precipitated in the chat, which is relatively unfamiliar. People are social, and the chain of relationships from semi-acquaintances to acquaintances is stronger.

In addition, there are also fun short audio, chat room chat, receiving red envelopes from friends, etc. are all launched by TianchaoFragmentary entertainment

All Democracy Broadcast“It is the original intention of Tianchao to create a chat room, so that the content matrix formed by grassroots anchors can naturally attract audiences with different common characteristics. The audience can gather together through the comment area of ​​works to conduct comments, likes and other interactive behaviors to form a community culture.

With the increase in attention to anchors and the development of usage habits, users’ stickiness to the platform will also increase, and they will gradually become active users who are dependent on the platform. For the current information platform, high-quality content and community atmosphere are undoubtedly effective measures to increase user stickiness.

The mission given to Tianchao by the times is to break the aesthetic fatigue of live broadcast and short video. As a communication medium, the mobile audio industry is more like a youthful memory imprinted by the years. The long night is lonely, and the electric waves wandering over the city comfort every lonely heart with the beauty and warmth of the sound.

In the future, whether there will be a large number of Internet celebrities and other KOLs switching to short audio, coupled with the continuous deployment of audio tracks by giants, and whether the short audio industry can produce other new gameplays, it is something to look forward to.

With the development of the online audio industrySecond half, The competition is getting fiercer. Only by working hard on the content ecology and cultivating the needs of user scenarios can we have a foothold in the market where the waves are washed away.Return to Sohu to see more


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