Tick-Borne Disease New Fitness Center opens in Pike County

VALLEY VALLEY, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – The spring is here, so the ticks are.

Lyme Pennsylvania disease cases are among the highest cases in the country, which affects thousands of people each year. But now, there is a new resource available to help tackle those numbers in the Poconos.

A new ticket treatment facility was opened today in Pike County. Appointments were securely packed, with at least one patient ticked.

Harriet Loizeaux runs the new Tick-Borne Disease Wellness Center in the Valley of Lords. It is located within Pike Family Health Center off Route 739.

She says, "and is specifically targeted at patients who have been ticked, who thought they could be ticked, or have multiple things."

Every Wednesday, the center will provide testing and treatment for new patients, and advice for those who are already diagnosed. Loizeaux says that tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme, can be life-threatening if they are not caught in time.

She says, "The new literature recommends that we test and treat as soon as possible."

This is a partnership between Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers and the Pike County Commissioners Task Force on Tick-Borne Disease.

"We needed and asked us if we could bring some medical resources to the table," says Fred Jackson, Executive Director, Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.

Fred Jackson is Executive Director of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers. This facility is unique to the area. He explains, "Pike County is really the heart of the crisis. You see infection rates in Pike County which are higher than anywhere in the country."

Patients must be 18 years of age or older, and have a primary care provider. Services are not free but most of the major administrations are accepted, as are transmissions.

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