The selection of streaming music services that are most relevant to the user has become transcendental for these services. A few days ago, we announced that we made it possible to download music from the Apple Watch platform for later listening offline after Deezer. A few days later, Spotify moved tabs to allow things that hadn’t been considered for years. Downloading music to your Big Apple smartwatch. This is an option that users have been screaming for a long time. At the end, Today, with the addition of TIDAL, we have released an app for the Apple Watch with many options, including downloading music for offline listening.

TIDAL app for Apple Watch is now available

The TIDAL app for Apple Watch It is now officially available worldwide. To download, search the App Store from the watch itself and download. When enabled, a 5-character alphabet code will be displayed. Then type from your iPhone and enter the code that will appear on your watch screen. Click Continue on the iPhone website and click Finish on your Apple Watch to use the app.

The application in question provides everything needed to control service replication. In addition, TIDAL provides XNUMX keys.

  • Listen without a tie: You can listen to TIDAL music directly from your Apple Watch, regardless of your iPhone.
  • Listen offline: In addition, you can download playlists, albums, or songs and listen to them later without an internet connection.
  • Ad-free music: Thanks to your subscription to the service, all playback will be ad-free, just like any other device TIDAL has an app on.
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Apple Watch y TIDAL

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So you can download songs from Spotify on Apple Watch and listen to them offline

TIDAL is a subscription streaming music service.If you are not yet a subscriber but are interested, they will be available to new users XNUMX month trial. Finally, the payment fee will start to be charged. € 9,99 per month, The same price as other streaming music services in the current scene.

TIDAL (App Store link)TIDAL (AppStore Link)