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Wayanad: The search for the frightened tiger (Tiger) at Wayanad fox corner has come to an end. Chief Wild Ward led the search but the tiger could not be found. The northern CCF has called off the search for the tiger, which has not been confirmed for more than 10 days. D.K. Ordered by Vinod Kumar.

The suspicion that the tiger had entered the forest was strengthened by the fact that the 70 cameras installed within a radius of five kilometers did not capture the tiger’s footage or confirm its presence. Also, there are no reports of pets being attacked for ten days.

The cages set up in the area are likely to attract other tigers or leopards and it has been suggested to change it immediately. Meanwhile, camera surveillance will continue for a few more days. Other issues related to ending the search for the tiger were decided by the monitoring committee meeting.

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The last time a tiger was found with a neck injury was in the Kattikulam area of ​​the Begur forest on the 18th. Since November 28, tiger attacks have been a regular occurrence in and around Kurukkanmoola. The tiger killed 17 pets in 30 days.

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Locals said they could not even go to work due to the fear of tigers. As the search for the tiger has come to an end, it has been decided to deploy the personnel involved in the search for activities including wildfire prevention.

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