Tiger – deer, sek loso, petition the court for protection don’t get close to mom

Tiger – Kwang Luk Sek Loso petitioned the court to protect the welfare of the two from Kan Wiphakorn, the mother, forbidding him from approaching and physically harming him. Dream Fan Suea reported defamation.

Makes many people confused when suddenly IG Sek Loso has posted a message to the girlfriend of the son Suea Setkan, saying that he stole 20 million baht, seduced his son and daughter, disappeared from the house for 2 weeks. sent to be born trying to catch a rich man While Kan Wiphakorn’s IG posted scolding him as a sideline, etc.

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Most recently (28 December 2021), Nong Suea, along with his girlfriend Dream, and sister Kwang Kornkawee, came to the Central Juvenile and Family Court with a lawyer. to consult and ask the court to protect the welfare of the two from the mother A total of 6 complaints were filed as follows:

1. It is forbidden to come closer than 5 meters.
2. Do not injure the body and mind by any means.
3. Do not intimidate, threaten or insult to cause fear.
4. Do not post slander and slander through all kinds of media.
5. Do not allow any person to monitor behaviors in life.
6. Ask for a referral to a psychiatric examination.

The tiger and deer said that today’s action is believed to be unsatisfactory for the mother. But it has to be done because it is a problem that has been trying to resolve itself in the family for a long time. but still not better To the point that the deer had to separate and live their own lives. I haven’t been with my family for a long time. but still love her mother the same If everything is better, I want to go back to living as a family.

Both confirmed that I did not see my girlfriend better than my mother in any way. And also revealed that the father, Sek Loso, is not a social media player. Everything you see is posted on Facebook or Instagram. Kan Wiphakorn, her mother, did it all.

While Dream Fan Nong Suea revealed that the allegation is not true. Therefore, he will go to file a complaint at the Khan Na Yao Police Station for defamation. fear of being insecure because after the post is unfolding have sent people to watch in front of the house which he has evidence of a CCTV as well The part that previously saw that the tiger’s mother seemed to love herself well and then suddenly there was a misunderstanding. He did not say why. since it is a delicate matter

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