Tiger-Dream-Kwang-Kan-Sek Loso. How will it end? Lawyer James has spoken.

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December 31, 2021, 1:50 p.m.

Must continue to follow. It’s not over yet. It should drag on until next year. with famous cases of parents and children shaking the industry At the eldest son Suea Settkan and daughter Kwang Kornkawee of the famous singer Sek Loso Seksan and his wife Kan Wiphakorn, Sek’s son-daughter has asked the Central Juvenile and Family Court along with Dream (Suea’s boyfriend) to ask The court shall protect as follows: 1. Prohibit approaching in a threatening manner 2. Do not intimidate or threaten. Causing fear and insults. 3. Do not post condemnation. and slander through all kinds of media. 4. An order prohibiting the hiring of any person to follow up on their behaviors. 5. Requesting a psychiatric examination of one’s mother.

Another very important variable Of this case is more than 30 million baht in the bank account. is the name of the tiger which is the money that Sek Loso-Kan has been looking for for a long time, keep it for the tiger to use But now I’m afraid that this money will disappear

The famous lawyer James Nitithorn Kaewto, who is in charge of this case for Kan Wiphakorn, has clearly posted on Facebook. In order for the tiger-deer children’s side to know that “Love your mother, don’t hurt your mother. Is it better to end quietly than an adult standing next to you? Children to be mindful of children too. Winning your parents is a sin, believe me.” And

“Are you happy to see your mother being scolded by someone else? Family affairs can end quietly. Have something to say. will clear my mind If the mother is beaten to death You don’t have to wait for the time to grow up like this. Just open your mind… it’s over.”

Attorney James opened up briefly. More with Thai Rath online entertainment “Trying to finish the case quickly. Family matters are a delicate matter. I want the mother and son to come back to understand and get well soon.”.

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