Tiger Woods struggles with another round, possibly fighting the Master.

Tiger Woods swing legend US Undergoing surgery to treat pain in the back for the fifth time and may not even be cured in The Masters 2021 at Augusta Nation, starting in April

“Tiger Tiger” Tiger Woods, the legendary American swing. Has successfully treated a back injury. And is recuperating himself to get back fit to compete again But believe that it may have to stay for a long time Until he was afraid that he might not be able to catch the Masters 2021 that will be held in this April

The surgery to treat Tiger’s back pain marks the fifth time the owner of the 15-time major after he suffered a sharp injury while hitting the PNC Championship match against Sharma. Lee, his youngest son, last month. Dec. ago This surgery is to remove the parts that caused the pressure on his back.

The operation will expire Woods will lose the right to play at the Farmers Insurance Open later this month. And including the Genesis Investigation in February with a statement that “Tiger underwent endoscopic surgery. To perform some bone fragments in the back that cause pressure. And that’s why he caused pain during the PNC Championship. ”

The doctor who treated “Phaya Suea” and his team revealed that the surgery was a success. And convinced that Tiger will be able to get back to the field without problems, Woods revealed about his own surgery at this time. “I’m starting rehearsals. Restore the body to be healthy again And determined to come back to compete in the tour again soon. “

Woods’ most recent surgery to treat back pain came in 2017, after which Woods returned to competition. Before winning a total of 3 items on the PGA Tour, including winning the Masters in 2019, but with pain this time is expected May not be lost in the battle of The Open, which will compete at Augusta Nation on April 8 as well

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