TikTok with security threats!?

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Last week, the CEO of TikTok received tremendous praise from netizens. Because he has excellent self-control after being hit by the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Pursuing a heavy-handed crackdown on cases that could pose a threat to US security

But the CEO’s attempt to explain that the company has never handed over US user data to the Chinese government seems like a breeze blowing through the left and right ears of the senators sitting on the committee.

Over a period of five hours of questioning, it became clear that these senators believed as puppets that TikTok is a dangerous app used by the Chinese authorities to spy on the movements of the American public. Although I don’t have much knowledge about basic technology. (Some people still refer to TikTok as TikTok, while others ask if a WiFi connection is needed to use TikTok.) And there is no concrete evidence that TikTok is actually a security threat.

What the US is worried about is that China will order TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to hand over the data.

However, security experts say there is no evidence that TikTok poses a threat to US security. There is only concern that TikTok is “probably” being used as a tool for Chinese intelligence. Because China’s security law has a very broad scope, for example, requiring all agencies, organizations and all citizens to cooperate in national intelligence work without specifying What is that intelligence work?

Causing hard-core politicians in the US to fear that If China gets American user data It can be used in various secret service tasks, and although there are people who protest that most of them are just teenagers people who play TikTok. But the doubt didn’t go away. Because today’s children will grow up to be adults in the future anyway. and he cannot become a big man in the government, so the power must be cut from the start of the wind Through a national prohibition order

But to be fair to TikTok, it must be admitted that the company is not complacent. even if there is no evidence to prove them wrong The company tries to do whatever it takes to make the US authorities feel comfortable, such as investing over $1.5 billion in transferring all US user data States to Oracle’s cloud servers and have a committee to screen other data.

Importantly, information security researchers from many agencies have found that TikTok is not a spy for the Chinese government. For example, in 2020, the Washington Post, together with private investigators, investigated the TikTok system, but found no evidence, only that the same usage data had been collected. No suspicion was found either.

Although there are claims that TikTok uses a keylogging system to record keystrokes. The company said this software only detects spam or bots. There is no intention to spy or have any ulterior motives. While keylogging could theoretically be used to save passwords, credit card details, and other personal information, TikTok isn’t the only one using the software.

Regarding claims that TikTok uses pixel tracking to track users’ online behavior, TikTok said it was done to increase the efficiency of ad targeting. This is the same system used by Facebook, Google and other social media.

In short, TikTok may actually collect a large amount of user data. But other apps do that too. So, if you really want to control TikTok, you have to amend the law or regulations to control access to various information, including guidelines for using that information for other benefits apart from providing services .

As Citizen Lab researcher Paulion Lin told CNN, the rise of TikTok and social media. Capable of storing millions of user data, indicating failure of controller policy.

He sees TikTok as just a player. Although governments around the world are not aware of their duty to protect the privacy of their citizens. Also, let the big tech come and take advantage of that information, so what the government should do is seriously try to protect people’s information. Instead of just chasing TikTok

But that’s just the opinion of academics because as long as ByteDance is a Chinese company and under the supervision of Chinese authorities, US politicians’ suspicion of TikTok will never fade.


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