Tim Cook pours cold water on the “metaverse” again: ordinary people don’t know what the metaverse is – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Although the “metaverse” has become a hot topic in the tech world, Apple has never been very interested in it. Recently, President Tim Cook once again expressed his opinion on the Metaverse, believing that the Metaverse is still immature and has not been popularized at all.

In a recent interview with the Dutch magazine Bright, Tim Cook spoke about his opinion on the metaverse. He said that the success of this technology depends on people’s understanding of it, and the public still does not understand the metaverse: “I don’t pretty sure what the average person can tell you about the metaverse.”

Although he has a negative view of the metaverse, he believes that AR will be a technology that changes people’s lives, and will become quite popular in the future, and it will even be difficult to remember what the days were like without AR living. Although VR has a strong sense of immersion, it cannot be used at any point in life and is not considered a good means of communication. There have been rumors that Apple is already working on an AR product, which could be announced next year.

Source: Bright

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