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Tim Paine | ‘It hurt a lot, I felt cheated, I fought a lot’; Tim Payne’s wife with response

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Australian cricketer’s wife Tim Paine’s wife responds to nudity and obscene messages sent to colleague. Bonnie Payne said the incident hurt a lot and that Payne felt cheated.

‘I felt cheated that day. It hurt a lot. I could not control my anger. We quarreled with each other. Still did not decide to separate. The decision was to move on with life together. We forgot all about it. Now, years later, the news is coming out again. We survived it all that day. It’s unfair to be dragged into this again, “said Bonnie, in an interview with Australian media.

Four years ago, Payne sent nude pictures and obscene conversations to a colleague. Screen shots of this chat were recently released. With this, Tim Payne resigned as the captain of the Australian Test team.

IPL 2022 | Next season IPL will be held in India; BCCI Secretary Jay Shah announces

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has announced that the 15th season of the IPL will be held in India. Jayshah made the remarks while attending the Chennai Super Super Kings’ victory celebrations in Chennai. Jayshah added that the league will be even more exciting with the arrival of two more teams next season.

“The IPL will be brought back to India. The tournament will be doubly exciting with the addition of Lucknow and Ahmedabad teams next season.” Jayshah said.

“Everyone knows that they are waiting to see the Chennai Super Kings play at Chepauk Stadium. That moment is not far away and you can experience that moment first hand when the 15th season of the IPL kicks off in India.” Jayshah said.

“There’s a mega star auction coming up next season, so it’s going to be exciting to see teams coming up with a new lineup next season.” Jay Shah added.

The BCCI has announced that 10 teams will compete in IPL 2022 and recently auctioned off two new franchises. Of these, Ahmedabad team was acquired by CVC Capital for Rs 5,625 crore and Lucknow team by RP-Sanjeev Goenka Group for Rs 7009.0 crore. These two teams will join the existing eight teams. Each team is scheduled for 74 games, including seven home matches and seven away matches.


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