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Timberland x Eastpak joint series officially debut | HYPEBEAST

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Recently, Timberland announced that it will once again work with Eastpak to create a new co-branded accessories series. Both sides have used ultra-high durable craftsmanship to make rucksacks and travel gear items, reflecting the ultimate in sustainable development and the spirit of sustainable design. The main fabric, webbing, lining and hemming details of the series are all made of 100% recyclable materials, aiming to produce environmentally-conscious and durable backpacks. At the same time, its design details also reflect the practicality emphasized by Timberland’s classic yellow boots, such as four-row car lines, rubber zipper lace loops, suede decorative accessories and embossed linings, and inject Timberland x Eastpak into the details. The joint logo patch is used as an accent. It is reported that the Timberland x Eastpak joint series will be sold exclusively at Timberland’s official online store on July 21st.

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