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“Time to say goodbye”… ‘Lung cancer’ Kim Chul-min didn’t say anything

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Comedian and singer Kim Chul-min, who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and is fighting the disease, did a live broadcast, staring at him with a smile without saying anything. During the three-minute broadcast, he didn’t say anything.

Kim Chul-min conducted a live broadcast through SNS on the 16th. Afterwards, he posted the video on his channel under the title ‘The time to say goodbye is coming’.

Kim Chul-min, who is currently hospitalized at the Korea Atomic Energy Medical Center Nuclear Hospital, stared at the camera without saying a word and showed the needle and ringer in his arm. Her hair, which had been shaved off due to chemotherapy, had grown a little, and her eyebrows had turned white.

The emaciated appearance of Kim Chul-min, who is breathing heavily while staring at the camera without saying anything, made the viewers even more sad. Fans who saw this sent messages of support saying, “I want to hear your voice,” “I can overcome it,” and “Don’t give up.”

On the 11th, Kim Chul-min posted on his Facebook page, “This too shall pass.” He also announced the fact that he had started the 12th treatment for cancer last month, saying, “I am fighting cancer cells that have spread all over my body. It hurts so much, but I will persevere until the end. I sincerely thank those who support me.”

Earlier, in August 2019, Kim Chul-min was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and it was known that he was undergoing chemotherapy.

Since September of the same year, he has reported to social networking services (SNS) with hopeful news that his health is improving by taking fenbendazole, an insect repellent for dogs.

However, he participated in a video at the Ministry of Health and Welfare audit held on the 22nd of 2020, saying, “Last year, a patient named Joe Tippens in the United States was diagnosed with lung cancer and was diagnosed with a cure after taking fenbendazole, so I also took fenbendazole. But eventually the cancer got bigger, and the doctor told me to stop taking the anthelmintic,” he explained, noting that he had stopped taking fenbendazole by citing problems such as unproven alternative therapies.

Meanwhile, Kim Chul-min made his debut as a comedian in the 5th season of MBC recruitment in 1994, and appeared in MBC’s ‘Gag, 2009’ movie ‘Cheongdam Bosal’. Since then, he has been actively performing on the Daehangno stage for over 30 years and has also been active as a singer.

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