Tina updates on the victim’s condition. Drive a car accident during Songkran, leave the hospital and open a hotel to stay for 1 month

Tina Suppanart updates the state of the parties Driving a car accident during Songkran Recently left the hospital and opened a hotel to rest and recover for another month

of the case of actors Tina Suppanart he admitted that the news “The handsome actress, abbreviated as Tor., who hit a young man with a car, was in serious condition.” is myself, whose accident happened during Songkran Ready to confirm that he did not escape and ready to take full responsibility for the injured “Bew”, in the past, “Bew” was treated at Phyathai 2 Hospital.

Most recently, “Tina” revealed on May 31, stating that The medical team allowed “Bew” to return home to recover.

Tina said that from the last 1 and a half months of being cared for by medical and hospital personnel. Tina had the opportunity to visit and see Nong Biu’s condition carefully and follow up every day. Today, he has come to pick Nong Biu out of the hospital and Tina is asking for permission to represent Nong Biu’s family and her parents. Let’s update everyone on the general condition of Nong Biu. People who care about him know it all too.

First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of Biw and his family for those who inquired with concern. Throughout the previous treatment period, Nong Biw’s symptoms improved in that order. and has a very good development still able to speak Remember things, write books, play games, listen to music, eat alone. You can do your daily routine and help yourself. Easy, bright and very fun. Also, she is good at making jokes with girls.

The medical team of Phyathai 2 Hospital concluded that Let Nong Biw go home to restore his body and mind in a familiar environment. This will be the best treatment for Nong Biu.

After this, he will follow the symptoms and return to a normal life. Much better development and disappearing quickly in this order which was also encouraged by everyone

Father, mother and a team of doctors The nursing team take good care of the younger ones. This is the inspiration and important part that makes the child develop better quickly.

throughout the treatment period in the hospital Tina has employed a special nurse to help care for Nong Bew closely to care for, help and facilitate Nong Bew.

After the younger sister left the hospital, Tina arranged a hotel for the younger sister to stay for a period of 1 month during the time that Aunt Nong would travel abroad. and get things ready at home before the younger one moves back into the house Tina will still have a special nurse to look after her closely.

Tina would like to thank her father, mother, aunt and relatives, including friends. from Nong Biu, everyone who loves Tina Give Tina a chance to be part of taking care of Nong Biu every day Thank you very much to all the medical teams at Phyathai 2 Hospital for treating Nong Biu to the utmost.

31 May 2023

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