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“Tipanan” hit “Thanathorn” deceitful if you can’t answer the question of “brother-mother” case

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“Tipanan” urged “Thanathorn Chuengroongkit” to investigate 20 million cases of bribery brother’s company, land cases, the Mother’s Property Office Possessing illegal land

On December 19, Miss Thipa Nansiri Chana, a former candidate for the BMA, Chom Thong-Thonburi District Former Deputy Spokesman for Palang Pracharat Party Mentioning the case that he had requested transparency for Mr. Thanathorn Chuengruangkit As a shareholder and owner of Real Asset Development Company Limited, at that time, answered questions with society in the event that his younger brother was Mr. Sakulthorn Jungrungruangkit. It was involved in bribery of 500 million baht and partially paid 20 million baht to incentivize Real Asset to long-term leasehold rights. Without having to pass through the bidding competition according to the normal process 12 days have passed and there is still no truthful answer as the shareholder and owner of the said company. There is also a case where Mr Thanathorn’s mother held land in the forest reserve National and permanent forests I still haven’t seen any clarification as well.

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Ms. Thipanan said that after the statement of Mr. Sakulthorn Mr. Thanathorn’s younger brother on December 16, the past that Society has also criticized the lack of sufficient weight. Contrary to the statement of the spokesman for the Attorney General on Dec. 9, which provided information that “As for Mr. Sakulthorn The person giving money to the first and second accused with the intent to bring it to the official to induce the commission of an offense. Therefore, it looks like using the second offender to commit the offense, Mr. Sakulthon is not the injured person by legality. ” Legally injured person refers to a person who has no part in the wrongdoing or Not a user Or sponsor Or witnessing an offense Or is not an act that has an illegal purpose as well Therefore, it is the reason that Mr. Sakulthorn is unable to prosecute the fraudulent person. Because of both civil and criminal prosecution with the payee The plaintiff must not participate in the wrongdoing. Or according to the law proverb When they came to court with their dirty hands The court would not accept the command.

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“However, Mr. Sakulthorn’s statement As for the 20 million baht claimed to be commission money, it is questionable. Because the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 845 on the payment of gratuity to the broker clearly states that “Any person agrees to give compensation to the broker in order to suggest that they enter into a contract. Managed to get a contract together He said that person will be liable for compensation only when the contract. This has been done successfully because of the results that the broker has indicated or managed. ”Therefore, when Mr. Sakulthon had not entered into a contract with the Crown Property Bureau Therefore, the broker is not entitled to receive the money. Moreover, in the auction of land rights of the Crown Property Bureau. The procedure must be followed openly. Allowing the general public to enter the auction Therefore, there should be no brokerage in any way, “Ms. Thipanan said.

Miss Thipanan said that the facts appeared in the investigation case And the verdict is more convincing than the statement made by Sakulthon, which is said without weight, there is no evidence sufficient to doubt the society. And finally, if Mr. Thanathorn, who is a model for youth groups Unable to examine, clarify, answer questions or reform any matter Of their own family Would inevitably become a living person with the ideology of the people, so the people should know that Mr.Thanathorn Two Standards Not equal and transparent as he deceived

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