Tired easily after meals, 40-year-old thin female with diabetes and blunt disease caused by 1 habit ● $5000 deposit confiscated from owner headline daily

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Hong Kong News ● Recently, a man from Hong Kong posted on the Internet that he originally rented a village house in Tai Po, and he had withdrawn the rent in August this year, but the owner had withdrawn a deposit of 5,000 yuan. The Hong Kong man pointed out that the other party claimed at the time that “the expenses such as water and electricity will be deducted”, but then refused to return the repairs in many places in the unit, which did to’ the landlord felt very angry. , and reminded other netizens to pay attention when transferring the 3-point building to prevent mid-volt.

For details, please visit: Juicy Ding|The owner confiscated a deposit of $5000

Hong Kong News ● The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services broadcast a promotional advertisement for the guidelines for the lifters who were trapped in May Mark in the early years. A CCTV video clip from a bar was uploaded on social platforms recently. The time of the incident was shown as 11:00 on Sunday night (6th). At that time, 4 men and 2 women were drinking and enjoying themselves in the bar. near the window He noticed one of the men on the street. There were bad-looking and wicked men rushing into the bar and attacking one of the target men shortly afterwards. However, the most special thing is that the girlfriend who was drinking with the man who was attacked never helped. Instead, she saw the whole attack and watched the whole process without being shocked or warm. It was amazing.

For details, visit: Eyes of the Sky | 10 Evil Bars Around Lovers and Lovers

Eyes from the Sky | 10 Wicked Bars Around and Beating Boys and Young Homes

China ●On November 5th, a student from Nanjing University published a letter of complaint, stating that Zhou Heng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Government Management and School of International Relations of Nanjing University, has seriously violated laws and disciplines, including causing pregnancy and miscarriage of women , plagiarism of doctoral dissertations, etc. The girl also posted a chat log online, where Zhou Heng was suspected of threatening the girl to have sex: “If you’re not a virgin, don’t pretend to be innocent.”

For details, please visit: Nanjing University prostitution professor’s chat records reveal threatened women “if you’re not a virgin, don’t pretend to be innocent”, school will thoroughly investigate

Chat records of professors who prostituted themselves at Nanjing University and threatened women were revealed

International • In some African countries, people with albinism are considered “open” and have a certain “magic power”, and even superstitious people with albinism’s bloody limbs to perform divination can bring wealth and power. Because of this backward and uncivilized practice, albinos in Tanzania and elsewhere have lived in nightmares of being hunted and killed since childhood.

For details, go to: The superstition that “cutting limbs alive” can bring good luck Africans with albinism hunted to death


Entertainment ● Directed by debut executive producer Weng Ziguang and new director Ho Juetian, adapted from the 2013 film “Corridor of Justice”, which caused a sensation in Hong Kong in the “Tai Kok Tsui murder case” !

For details, visit: Corridor of Justice | Weng Ziguang’s investment failed to get “Mr. K” to borrow 1 million netizens. It is estimated that 99% are super stars

Cloister of Justice

Entertainment ● Hins Cheung (Hsuan Gong) announced on social media today (8th) that 10 “Hins Cheung Revisited Concerts” will be held at the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center from December 20th to January 2nd.

For details, visit: Hins Cheung held 10 concerts for his 20th New Year’s Eve anniversary. Check ticket prices and book the flight time immediately.

Henry Zhang

Health ● 1 in 10 Hong Kong people suffer from diabetes, even if they are thin, they can also suffer from diabetes. A family doctor shared a case of a 40-year-old woman with a thin body who was lethargic after meals and often felt tired to seek medical treatment. It was confirmed that she had diabetes, and it was revealed that it was caused by habit. The doctor noted that after suffering from diabetes, he will become dull, thirsty and 8 other major symptoms or signs.

For details, please visit: Diabetes|Tired easily after meals, a 40-year-old thin woman with diabetes is dulled by 1 habit

Diabetes affects health

Finance ●In response to the HKMA’s earlier guidance requiring the maximum interest rate for bank credit products to be in line with Choi Tsai, many banks have successively informed customers that they will revise credit card interest rates from 2.3%, ranging from 35.42% to 34.17%; its subsidiary Hang Seng (011) rose and fell, and overdraft fell by almost 2.4% to 35.98%. The overdraft APR of BOCHK (2388) was further reduced by 2.61% to 35.35% The adjusted credit card interest rates of the three banks were all 36% lower than Xinmenlan’s excess interest rate. Bank of China and Hang Seng also canceled the very high late repayment interest rates. All the new amendments come into effect on 30 December. HSBC also raised the minimum credit card payment five times from $50 to $300.

For details, visit: Exclusive│Three Hong Kong Banks Cut Credit Card Interest Rates to Below 36% Effective December 30

Credit card interest is expected to fall

● Banks’ “interest scramble” is intensifying, and virtual banks are more aggressive than traditional banks. Among them, Ping An OneConnect Bank (PAOB) raised the Hong Kong dollar deposit interest rate for large deposit periods yesterday, including the 12 month Hong Kong the dollar fixed deposit interest rate was significantly increased to a maximum of 5.5%, the highest interest rate in the bank; with a deposit of 500,000 yuan, you can earn 27,500 yuan in interest per year. In addition, Chiyu Bank pushed the fixed deposit annual interest rate from 288 days to 4.8%; in addition, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) increased the 6-month fixed deposit interest rate to 4.75%. Experts suggest that citizens can choose to diversify their funds into time deposits with different maturities to diversify their investment strategies.

For details, visit: Virtual Bank outperforms Big Bank Ping OneConnect One Year Fixed Deposit Rate at 5.5%, Best in Bank

Virtual banks perform better

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