Tires as Defense: Russian Tu-95 Fighter Jets Covered to Protect Against Drone Strikes

Tu-95 Bombers Covered in Car Tires as Protective Measure Against Drone Attacks

Maxa Technologies Captures Images of Unusual Sight at Russian Air Base

In an extraordinary development, satellite imagery obtained by Maxa Technologies has revealed two Tu-95 strategic bombers at Engels Air Base in southern Russia covered in car tires. While the purpose behind this peculiar action remains unclear, experts speculate that it is a temporary defensive measure to safeguard Russian military assets from relentless drone strikes in Ukraine.

Engels Air Base, known for housing Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads, has been targeted by drones on multiple occasions. Last December alone, the airbase suffered two attacks resulting in damage to aircraft, vehicles, and personnel. It is reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has relocated several Tu-95 strategic bombers to other air bases as a response.

In addition to the images captured by Maxa Technologies, Ukrainian media also shared similar satellite images, suggesting that the tire placements may serve as protection against drone attacks or potential fuel tank damage.

Experts Weigh In on the Defensive Strategy

Experts analyzing the situation propose that the tire covering could serve as a defensive measure against Ukrainian drones and act as a deterrent to nighttime aircraft detection. “However,” points out Francisco Serra Martins, from Oneway Aerospace, “the effectiveness of this defensive tactic in reducing damage is limited.”

Stephen Watkins, a research consultant specializing in aircraft and ship tracking, explains that “tires can offer protection against debris that may cause damage after an aerial explosion. However, the outcome largely depends on the type of warhead utilized by the missile or drone.”

An aeronautical scientist mentioned in Ukrainian media suggested that this unusual tire placement serves to safeguard the aircraft against self-destructing drones. However, concern arises regarding the potential hazards if a tire catches fire, as it burns at high temperatures and releases toxic fumes.

NATO Official Comments on the Defensive Measures

A military official from NATO conveyed their perspective, stating, “We presume that these measures have been taken to safeguard the strategic bombers from drone attacks.”

The rationale behind the decision to use car tires as a protective measure for the Tu-95 bombers remains a subject of debate. It emphasizes the ongoing battle against drone strikes in the region and the continuous efforts by both sides to ensure the safety and integrity of military assets.

A Tu-95 fighter jet at a Russian airbase captured in satellite imagery by Maxa Technologies. /maxa technology

A strategic bomber, the Tu-95, has been spotted covered in car tires at an air base in Russia. Experts believe the move will be a temporary measure to protect Russian military assets that are being attacked helplessly by drone strikes in Ukraine.

According to CNN and others on the 5th (local time), satellite images of Engels Air Base in Saratov, southern Russia, taken by Maxa Technology, show two Tu-95 strategic bombers mounted with car tires. If you look at the picture, you can see the tires on top of the strategic bomber body and wings. CNN said it could not independently determine why tires were installed on the plane.

Engels Air Base is home to Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads, which are also known to have been used in airstrikes in Ukraine. The airbase was reportedly attacked by drones on at least two occasions last December. On December 5 last year, two Tu-95 strategic bombers were damaged, and on the 26th of the same month, it was reported that Russian aircraft, vehicles and personnel were damaged. Russian President Vladimir Putin has transferred several Tu-95 strategic bombers to other air bases.

Local Ukrainian media, such as New Voice of Ukraine (NV), reported similar satellite images all at once, saying that the tires placed on the plane appeared to protect against drone attacks or protect the fuel tank.

The body of the Russian Tu-95 fighter is covered with tires. /TATARIGAMI_UA x

Experts analyzed that this appears to be a defensive measure against Ukrainian drones and a stopgap measure to reduce the possibility of aircraft detection at night. “This has only a limited effect in terms of reducing damage,” said Francisco Serra Martins of Oneway Aerospace, the manufacturer of the drones used by the Ukrainian military.

“Tyres can be used to protect aircraft from debris that can damage them after an aerial explosion,” said Stephen Watkins, a research consultant who tracks aircraft and ships It seems you are doing everything you can to increase your protection against. Whether this will work depends on what kind of warhead the missile or drone is using.”

According to Ukrainian media, an aeronautical scientist wrote on his website that “the reason for covering the wings and the upper part of the fuselage in this way is not entirely clear, but it seems to protect the precious bomber from attacks by self-destructing drones. ” It can be more dangerous if you leave it in a fire. When a tire catches fire, it burns very hot and emits toxic fumes.”

A NATO military official told CNN, “We assume these measures are a way to protect (strategic bombers) from drones.”

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