TISCO Asset Management captures rhythm of shrinking Thai stocks Offers TISCO Thai Equity Trigger Fund 5M#10 (TEQT5M10)

TISCO Asset Management reveals the strong financial status of Thai banks There are many positive factors in Thailand that remain. The Thai stock price is both at an interesting level. Domestic consumption growth and Thai tourism recovery Thailand’s inflation is not high. Confidence in managing the fund to reach targets within 5 months

Mr. Saharat Chatsuwan, Deputy Managing Director of TISCO Asset Management Co, Ltd (Mr. Saharat Chudsuwan Deputy Managing Director of TISCOASSET) revealed that in the past the Thai stock market had declined due to concerns about the bankruptcy of SVB Bank. This is unlikely to happen to banks in Thailand. Because all banks have a strong financial position. Liquid assets to support liquidity stress situations (LCR) are maintained at a level above the threshold. And the loan to deposit ratio (LDR) is not very high. because the economy is steadily improving while the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) is above 14%*
In addition, Thailand has many unique positive factors waiting. The share price is at an attractive level with a price to earnings per share (P/E) ratio of around 14.65 times, which is lower than the 5-year average of 18.15 times of the tourism recovery domestic consumption sector The interest rate is low and elections are clear All these will be the main factors supporting Thai stocks to rise above 1,700 points.
From the positive factors above So TISCO Asset Management Co, Ltd took the time to offer the Thailand Stock Trigger Fund. By offering the value of TISCO Thai Equity Trigger Fund 5M#10 (TEQT5M10), risk level 6 (high risk), set a target to terminate the project when the investment unit has a value greater than or equal to 10.50 baht/unit of within the 5 month Time period, first open for sale from 20 – 22 March 2023, minimum subscription value 1,000 baht
“Thai stocks are likely to benefit further, mainly from the recovery of domestic consumption, which is mainly driven by the tourism sector. From the policy, we travel together in Phase 5 and the fact that Chinese tourists are opening up the country. Including the domestic elections expected to herald the dissolution of parliament in March. Including Thailand’s low inflation rate. Therefore, it is estimated that the Bank of Thailand may not raise interest rates anytime soon,” Sahrach said.
Investors cannot redeem this investment unit during the 5 month period. Therefore, if there are negative factors affecting such an investment, investors may lose a large amount of their investment. Setting a target of 10.50 baht per unit is not a guaranteed return on investment. If the value of the investment unit does not reach the target within the specified period


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