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Mr. Nuttakrit Laothaweesap Senior Director of Investment Advisors TISCO Wealth, TISCO Bank, said that from the assessment of the Center for Economic Analysis and Strategy, TISCO is expected to If the Omicron strain of COVID-19 is severe, global stocks are likely to drop 15-20% from the present as the economy will be affected by the lockdown. Inflation remains high from supply chain and central bank problems. Running out of ammunition, injecting money to stimulate the economy TISCO Bank therefore recommends investors to sell cyclical stocks that will be directly affected by such issues. especially energy stocks, financials, industrial products (Industrials) and airlines (Airlines)

“The stocks that TISCO Bank recommends selling are cyclical stocks, which previously benefited from the economic recovery and the share price has risen above the point where the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Operations of cyclical stocks will begin to be uncertain. Investors will pay less attention. And there is a risk that prices will fall, such as Energy, Financials, Industrials, and Airlines, since the news of COVID-19. As of Dec. 1, 21, shares in Energy were down 6.7 percent, Financials was down 6.3 percent, Industrials were down 6.3 percent and Airlines were down 12.3 percent, a drop. More than the S&P 500 index, which dropped only 4.0%,” said Nuttakrit.

TISCO Bank advises investors to rely on the timing of global stock declines, gradually accumulating stocks that are expected to benefit from the return of the Covid-19 epidemic. new species and is a business that has the opportunity to grow Despite the economic slowdown: 1. The Future Trend of technology stocks, including Video Games and Esports, Cybersecurity, Social Media and Cloud Computing. Global X Asset Management expects that over the next 12 months, This group of businesses will see revenue growth of 26%, 23%, 21% and 20% respectively. In addition, there will be a lot of growth potential from new businesses emerging in the virtual world in Metaverse.

In addition, if you look back at the first period of the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, this group of stocks can generate huge returns. Contrary to other businesses that were severely hit, Video Games and Esports stocks yielded up to 84.25%. Generating 71.17% return, Social Media stocks yield 75.11%, and Cloud Computing stocks yield 77.08%.

2. Healthcare Innovation stocks are biotechnology businesses. (Biotechnology) that has continued to grow in line with health care and medical expenses that tend to grow higher than the growth of the US economy. and when there is covid-19 new mutant This group will be the heroes who use innovative biologics such as mRNA to quickly modify vaccine formulas to cope with omikron strains. And generate income for the company to grow by leaps and bounds. In 2020, this group of stocks can generate returns of up to 48.19%.

Source: InfoQuest news agency

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