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TISI green light standard for vaccine storage cabinets Trailer of chilled liquor – distilled spirits

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TISI green light standard for vaccine storage cabinets Trailer of chilled liquor – distilled spirits Unwanted passenger must not be more than before

Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit Minister of Industry Revealed after the TISI board meeting on July 20, 2021 that the TISI Board has approved a total of 48 standards, which are important standards such as vaccine storage cabinet standards. Agricultural machinery, chilled spirits, distilled spirits, TVs for the disabled and the elderly Ceramic sanitary ware, concrete block, car camera And small gasoline engines, etc., especially the vaccine storage cabinet standards, has accelerated the TISI to implement the standard as soon as possible. to support the demand of hospitals and medical departments for vaccine storage to maintain the quality of the vaccine before it is injected to the public. by confirming the original principle Public safety must come first. Unwanted substances are banned more than before, as well as the TISI to control 5 more products, including small cars equipped with additional gas systems, electric lamps, electric rice cookers. electric hot pot electric kettle and motorcycle exhaust parts for public safety

Mr. Chulaphong Thaweesri, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry As the chairman of the Industrial Standards Committee (KMO) said that for the standard vaccine storage cabinet Specifically in terms of performance, Volume 1, acceptable temperature range of 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius, TIS 3245, Volume 1 – 2021, this TISI has joined with the Federation of Thai Industries. which is an organization that sets advanced standards of the TISI or SDOs to prepare such standards by the Academic Committee (Kor.Kor.) for each branch on materials and equipment and medical equipment which has experts from many agencies to consider and scrutinize such standards, such as the Medical Association of Thailand under royal patronage Royal College of Physicians of Thailand Food and Drug Administration Faculty of Engineering Mahidol University Chulalongkorn University Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association and the National Science and Technology Development Agency

The standard covers a two-door, double-glazed, double-glazed vaccine cabinet that uses no more than 250 volts for the storage of vaccines in the temperature range of 2°C to 8°C, including medicines and non-pharmaceuticals. and medical products of a disposable use and sealed package, where the key requirements are general cold storage requirements. Storage compartment temperature temperature after opening the door Temperature inside the cabinet when power failure Alarm when the temperature is below or above the acceptable temperature range, warning device and user display. pushing operators in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry apply such standards To be able to produce vaccine storage cabinets that meet the requirements of the World Health Organization to meet the needs of hospitals and medical agencies to store vaccines that will be imported to inject to a large number of people in the near future. this

Mr. Wanchai Phanomchai, Secretary-General of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) added that In this meeting of the TISI board, in addition to agreeing on the standard of vaccine storage cabinets, has also agreed to the standard for distilled spirits and soaked spirits. that has given to the academic committee for each branch (Kor.Kor.) on alcoholic beverages which is the provider of such standards Go back and review the safety criteria set forth in the new revised standard that is higher than the previous standard. The board has agreed to maintain the criteria set according to the old standard which is Distilled spirits shall maintain the criteria in the list of methanol not more than 420 milligrams per liter and aldehyde not more than 160 milligrams per liter. For soaked spirits, the sulfur dioxide content is not more than 300 milligrams per liter. for safe consumption

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