TKC embracing the digital solutions era, ready to trade in the SET on 17 Jan.

TKC embracing the digital solutions era, ready to trade in the SET on 17 Jan.

Date 16 Jan 2022 time 19:19

TKC is embracing the digital solutions era, ready to trade the SET on 17 Jan. The brokerage is looking at the year of 65, unable to hold back after stockpiling more than 2.3 billion baht in backlog.

Mr. Siam Tiewtranon, Managing Director of Turnkey Communication Service Public Company Limited or TKC, said that the Company is ready to enter the first trading day on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on January 17, 2022 using the initials “TKC” is confident that it will be one of the new stocks to be traded in the SET that has received good response from investors. with potential in the business of providing contractor services, system design, system installation, equipment procurement, installation, testing and maintenance of engineering systems in the telecommunication line Information communication system and public safety system with nearly 20 years of expertise, ready to strategize towards becoming the number one digital solution business Covering telecommunication and ICT Focus on future megatrends such as Smart Solutions Business, Smart Logistics, Cyber ​​Security Business, Focus on Infrastructure Hybrid Cloud, Drone Devices, Smart Farming Logistics drones are mapping, with the goal of becoming the leader in these fields for the next 1-3 years.

In this year 2022 is expected to be another year that TKC can perform outstandingly. From the overall picture of the auction event that will come out about 10 billion baht and from the backlog in the 3rd quarter of 2021, about 2,346 million baht, not counting the 4th quarter of the year that has auctioned more new works. The proceeds from the offering of securities of approximately 1,404 million baht will be used as working capital for business operations. Support to strengthen the capital base making them ready to bid on large projects and continuous income recognition within the years 2022-2023

Ms. Duanphan Leelavivat, Managing Director of Pioneer Advisory Company Limited, as a financial advisor, said that TKC is a very interesting business. Because it is in a growing industry trend. Benefit from government and private investment policies Focusing on bringing digital technology to drive business and the country’s development, the company also has strengths from the expertise of executives and team members, resulting in being trusted to take care of turnkey project work from business partners, both government and government sectors. and private companies, including owners of network products and mobile phone contractors in the country such as Huawei, BBTEC, ZTE, Ericsson, Nokia, etc. These customers plan to bid for large-scale projects continuously It is therefore an opportunity for TKC to participate in the success. And it will be a new stock that is in the interest of investors in the long run.

Mr. Woranan Thawornnan, Managing Director Kingsford Securities Co., Ltd., as an underwriter and underwriter, said TKC’s forward-looking shares had outstanding fundamentals. It is another type of stock that investors are looking for. This made TKC’s recent IPO of 78 million shares a success. The price is set at 18 baht per share, representing a price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 17.54 times, an attractive price level. This is another new IPO company that has been fragrant since the first day of subscription. and there are people who show interest in more than the allocated amount

“In 2022, TKC is ready for significant growth. From the gradual handover of a strong backlog after projects began to recover and was constrained from the past covid situation in 2021, including investment policies according to the development plan for the digital economy. And entering the Thailand 4.0 era, technology has transformed the industry in a big way to become a global megatrend, especially after the impact of COVID-19 has led to the construction of various types of network systems and communication devices. to support increased use This is an opportunity for TKC to supply equipment, install and set up telecommunication networks. and public safety received the merit of this growth as well In terms of analysis from securities companies, TKC is outstanding. and eye-catching Estimated price range is reasonable at 28.00 – 30.50 baht,” said Mr. Woranan.




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