Thai Life Insurance or TLI

and Bangkok Life Insurance (BLA) prices continued to rise.

Thai Life Insurance short term stocks There is an important resistance in the area of ​​17.80 baht.

Over the past week the price has risen to the level of 17.80 baht, a total of 3 times.

and still unable to pass

Causing the share price to fall to form a base in the area of ​​17.30-17.60 baht

Bangkok Life Assurance The share price in the last 12 days (working days) has risen by about 15-16% or from the level of 32.00 baht to the area of ​​37.00 baht (plus / minus).

Pucha, when asked if the price of the two shares will continue.

Technically Thai Life Insurance, if passed 17.80 baht or more

price at the level 18.00-18.50 Baht, right in front of the lane.

As for BLA, with the stock price rising strong and fast. There may be some short term profit making. by large or institutional investors who came to collect the early trees

But in the fundamentals of these two life insurance stocks

nothing to worry about

The financial position of both stocks is very strong.

The risk factor is a very low percentage.

If the stock has a correction the price will not go down

In terms of factors supporting the short to medium term Still gaining positive momentum from bond yields, the US is catching up

Recently, “Nomura Pattanasin” predicts an increase in the rate of the US Federal Reserve or the Fed is quite interesting.

Nomura said the image of the US labor market remains strong.

Combined with easing financial conditions

these factors Help to support short-term interest rates continue to rise

affecting the outlook with the expectation of raising policy interest rates again 0.75% At the monthly meetings in November and December 65

and it will increase again 0.50% At the February monthly meeting. 66

and add more 0.25% At the March meeting 66

and make Terminal rate it will come up in 5.25-5.5%

Before the Fed cuts interest rates each round of meetings, with a reduction of 0.25% from September ’23, and will accelerate a rate cut of 0.50% per cycle from 2Q24 – 4Q24

If the Fed’s interest rate hike meets Nomura’s expectations

It is likely that US Treasury yields will continue to rise until at least early 2023.

Do the broker’s analyst They still recommend investing in TLI and BLA stocks.

At the end of June 2022, Thai Life Insurance had about 510 billion baht in investment assets, of which, or about 80% was invested in bonds.

For the first 7 months, TLI saw a 12-13% increase in total insurance premiums.

and BLA has about 320 billion baht in investment assets.

It also invested over 80% in bonds.

target price of TLI in the middle 20.10–22.00 baht

BLA The target price is approx. 40.00 Baht (Plus/Minus)


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