To a new star! Khun Gift, a girl suffering from cancer leaves peacefully Netizens express their condolences

Khun Gift, a terminally ill cancer patient left peacefully among the mourners Wishing you a happy journey to a new star.

A few days ago, there is historyKhun Gift, terminal cancer patient Owner of A.Kindness Family Facebook page which shares stories about cancer treatment. and things that create positive energy for all living became a story that was talked about in the online world

When she came out to update her symptoms via her personal Facebook page, Giftsy Smile, on January 31, the previous part said “In 3 days, Rhodd will live in a new star. It’s Tuesday because the liver has stopped working and donation work It’s up to the supporters how to handle it, but at the donation event where everyone will come dressed bright, fresh, and very colorful. everyone’s good I don’t want everyone to be sad. A gift is ready to begin on this new Mars.”

Recently, yesterday (February 5), Facebook Ya Pat Las Vegas has come out to inform thatKhun Gift died peacefully. Friday, February 3, he passed which caused a lot of sadness to the netizens who have always encouraged her

you are a giftFound out he had cancer while carrying his daughter. but be patient not to treat during that time in case chemotherapy affects the weakened child Until the day when the child opened his eyes to see the world after 7 weeks, he started to treat cancer.

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