“To do business, you have to be honest” (Taïta Salifou)

In order to celebrate young entrepreneurs who command admiration in their sector of activity, Luxurious life agency initiated the night of promotion and encouragement of Burkinabè entrepreneurs. The first edition was held on Saturday August 27, 2023, in Ouagadougou.

« The purpose of this evening is to promote, encourage, and allow these young entrepreneurs to know that there are people who are behind them and who are watching them. “, immediately justified the manager of Luxurious life agency, Youssef Nana.

Youssef Nana, manager of Luxurious life agency

According to him, this initiative intends to give pride of place to young entrepreneurs who are fighting against all odds to find a place in the sun. During this evening, trophies and certificates of recognition were awarded to these young entrepreneurs.

As such, the company Web Vison has won a distinction. ” It’s nice to have a certain category of appointment. We hope that it will still give a lot of visibility to everyone, and we will support all those who want support from the company Web Vison. I thank the organizers who really dared “Suggested Hamed Latif Kaboré, communications officer for Web Vison.

Former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Taïta Salifou is the sponsor of this first edition of the night for the promotion and encouragement of Burkinabè entrepreneurs.

He says he associated his image with the event because it celebrates excellence. The excellence of cultural actors who have no visibility, the excellence that celebrates young entrepreneurs who want to excel in their field, and who want to be accompanied by mentors.

Taïta Salifou, sponsor of the ceremony

To make her godchildren seasoned entrepreneurs, Taïta Salifou has provided advice to them. ” To do business, you have to be honest. Honesty, respect for your word and respect for commitments, because if you do not respect your commitments you will lose credibility with your suppliers and your partners and ultimately you will lose everything “, he launched.

These winners were selected on the basis of a careful and precise investigation, according to the organizers.

Sié Frédéric KAMBOU

Burkina 24


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