To ensure safe food, social movements should be protestors: Food Minister

<span style="max-width:100%" class="jwMediaContent jw_media_holder aligncenter" data-align="aligncenter" id="ari-image-1" data-ari=""path":"media/2022/04/28/95214b9f906cc3601405c3484638744d-626a53705bb93.jpg","width":"700","alt":"u0996u09beu09a6u09cdu09afu09aeu09a8u09cdu09a4u09cdu09b0u09c0 u09b8u09beu09a7u09a8 u099au09a8u09cdu09a6u09cdu09b0 u09aeu099cu09c1u09aeu09a6u09beu09b0","fullscreen":1,"align":"aligncenter","viewPort":".featured_image","url":"","id":1,"caption":"u0996u09beu09a6u09cdu09afu09aeu09a8u09cdu09a4u09cdu09b0u09c0 u09b8u09beu09a7u09a8 u099au09a8u09cdu09a6u09cdu09b0 u09aeu099cu09c1u09aeu09a6u09beu09b0u0964 u09abu09beu0987u09b2 u099bu09acu09bf","wrapCaption":"u0996u09beu09a6u09cdu09afu09aeu09a8u09cdu09a4u09cdu09b0u09c0 u09b8u09beu09a7u09a8 u099au09a8u09cdu09a6u09cdu09b0u09c0 u09c0 u09aeu09a6u09beu09b0u0964 u09abu09beu0987u09b2 u099bu09acu09bf“”> Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar has commented that there is a need to protest along with the social movement to ensure safe food. The Food Minister made this comment at a workshop organized on the occasion of National Safe Food Day.

The food minister said, ‘The government will ensure 100% safe food within the next one-two years. 16155 call center was inaugurated to ensure food in the event.

Toll free call center from 8 am to 12 pm by calling 16155 people from all walks of the country can get any information about food.

Speaking as the chief guest at the Safe Food Day-2023 event, which was celebrated with the slogan ‘Safe food and the key to building a prosperous nation, smart Bangladesh’, the Food Minister said, ‘The government is working to ensure safe food. But it is very challenging and it is not possible for government agencies or anyone alone.’

The food minister said that it is important to implement safe food to protect the basic rights of the people of the country not to prevent import and export. Campaigns are being conducted regularly to stop adulterated food. Safe food must be ensured in reality, not in meetings, seminars or by word of mouth. A movement should be built to ensure safe food.

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