To Fortune, Pointing Target, Monday, November 28, 2022

On Monday, there was plenty of football on the pitch. The team to cheer are Switzerland, Serbia, Uruguay, Ghana, Ibiza and Paphos.

Monday, November 28, 2022

World Cup 2022

Cameroon – Serbia

Stadium: Al Janub Stadium, Kick-off time: 5:00 pm, Odds: Serbia half, minus 10-9.

Both teams needed a win to keep their hopes of securing a place in the last 16 until the last game, but Serbia looked quite better especially in their offensive performance, while Cameroon did not play well defensively. Therefore, the Serbian team has a chance to grind to win successfully.

against Serbia

South Korea – Ghana

Stadium: Education City Stadium, Kick-off time: 8:00 pm, Odds: South Korea per draw minus 5-4

Both sides wanted a win to increase their hopes of getting a ticket to the next round. Although South Korea’s final form looks better. But not much better at the same time, Ghana is a team that is physically good and ready to handle the rush game of the white ginseng army, of course. In addition, the Black Star team also plays a dangerous counter-attack game, so they at least have a chance to share points.

Brazil – Switzerland

Ground: Stadium 974, kick-off time: 11:00 pm, Odds: Brazil by one goal

Brazil made two adjustments from the first game following injuries to Neymar and Danilo, while Switzerland Organized the same set of forces on the field The famous team from the city of the clock played a tough defensive game, conceding a few goals and also intend to play compactly. Therefore, the samba team may always shoot continuously or drop.

Vice Switzerland

Portuguese – Uruguay

Stadium: Iconic Luzail Stadium, kick-off time: 2:00 am, odds: Portugal per minus 10-9.

Portugal were in a much better position after winning the first game, while Uruguay only managed a draw with South Korea, so the brutal side will need to focus on their intensity in style to secure at least one point to secure their hopes from qualifying until the last game The game therefore tends to end in a draw.

delegate of Uruguay

Segunda, Spain

Ibiza – FC Andorra Always Andorra Deputy of Ibiza

Division 1 Turkey

Altinordu – Manisa Manesa continued to draw at the half minus 10-9. Altinordu Deputy

Division 1 Cyprus

Olympiakos Nicosia – Nia Salamis Taking a photo with Nia Salamis Tonia Salamis

Ares Limassol – Paphos Who bargained? paphos place


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