Home Entertainment to go to the bathroom… Lighting for 2 minutes during IMAX screening of ‘Dune’ 男 “The greatest guank”

to go to the bathroom… Lighting for 2 minutes during IMAX screening of ‘Dune’ 男 “The greatest guank”

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An audience is outraged when it is reported that a light switch is turned on to find the bathroom at the cinema.

On the 26th, an article was posted on an online community such as ‘Today’s Dune Yong-A-Mac (Yongsan IMAX) Gwank experience’.

According to the author, the movie ‘Dune’ was shown at CGV Yongsan IMAX from 2:40 pm on the same day. However, during the screening of the movie, a man turned on the flash and fumbled through the door, and the light from the flash was reflected on the screen.

Then, all of a sudden, in a battle scene important in the context of the movie, all the lights in the theater were turned on, and the audience had to watch the movie for two minutes in a bewildered state.

The audience protested after the movie was over. online community capture

In the end, it is known that one audience turned on the light switch while going to the bathroom, and after the movie was over, the audience protested, saying, “Please compensate me.”

Although the price of Yongsan IMAX is as high as 18,000 won during the daytime on weekdays, it is very popular with the audience because you can feel the liveliness of the movie. It seems that there were many audiences who were disappointed by this incident as much as they deliberately went to the IMAX to watch it.

However, the staff explained, “The elderly wanted to go to the bathroom, but couldn’t open the door, so he turned on the light switch at the entrance.”

Netizens who came across this fact showed reactions such as “This is the greatest government ever”, “I couldn’t see the switch because it was dark, how did I turn it on?”, “It seems like a waste of money”.

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