To increase volatility… Fund net assets exceeded KRW 800 trillion in the third quarter

In the third quarter of this year, the net assets of domestic funds exceeded 800 trillion won. Although the net assets of domestic equity-type funds decreased, the net assets of overseas equity-type and real estate funds increased, driving overall fund net asset growth.

According to the ‘Fund Market Trends for the Third Quarter of 2021’ announced by the Financial Investment Association on the 15th, as of the end of September, the total net assets of domestic funds stood at 810.1 trillion won, an increase of 16.7 trillion won (2.1%) from the end of the second quarter.

While the net assets of equity-type funds decreased slightly, a difference in net assets between domestic and foreign equity-type funds was observed. The net assets of domestic stock-type funds decreased by 1.2 trillion won to 64.6 trillion won, while foreign stock-type funds increased by 900 billion won to 35.2 trillion won.

The net assets of bond-type funds decreased by 1.5 trillion won to 133.3 trillion won due to the increase in the base rate.

Derivatives, which had been on the decline due to strict regulations on financial investment products, turned to an increase of KRW 49.6 trillion, an increase of KRW 3.3 billion (0.7%). Real estate funds increased by 3.9 trillion won (3.2%) to 124.9 trillion won, and special asset funds increased by 4.1 trillion won (3.7%) to 114.7 trillion won.

By public and private placement, public offering funds decreased by 1.1 trillion won (0.3%) to 311.1 trillion won, while private equity funds increased by 17.8 trillion won (3.7%) to 495.3 trillion won.

Na Seok-jin, head of the asset management division of the Korea Financial Investment Association, said, “The recent market volatility has increased investors’ interest in funds. will,” he said.

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