To pop on the circuits: Carnival 2023 is launched with more than a thousand free attractions

Anyone who is a popcorn reveler has good reasons to get excited and go to the biggest street party in the world. Carnival Salvador 2023 was launched this Tuesday (7) by the city hall with the news that there will be more than 600 attractions on the official circuits and another 400 spread across neighborhoods in the capital of Bahia. A good part of them are free, just the way those who enjoy the party in the traditional way like to do it.

At the official opening that takes place on Thursday (16), for example, the party starts in an unprecedented way, with popcorn by Ivete Sangalo, at 3:30 pm, at Circuito Dodô, Barra-Ondina. Right after ‘mainha’ comes popcorn from Saulo Fernandes, Claudia Leite, Léo Santana, Lincoln Sena, Timbalada, Tatau, Parangolé, Wilsinho Kraychete, Araketu, Babado Novo, Chiclete, Lá Furia, A Dama, Pipoca do Cheiro and Afrocidade.

“This will be the biggest Carnival in all areas. In hiring attractions, in the structure that the City Hall will mobilize. The municipal bodies will expand their services and together we will make the best Carnival of all times”, said Mayor Bruno Reis, during the press conference for the launch of the party, which took place at the Wish Hotel in Bahia, in Campo Grande.

And, already this weekend, Salvadorans will already have a taste of what is to come. On Saturday (11), there’s Fuzuê with traditional blocks and marchinhas. On Sunday (12), there is Furdunço with attractions such as Armandinho, Gerônimo, Filhos de Jorge and Baiana System. Furdunço and Fuzuê were created in 2014, being two parties that run through the Orlando Tapajós circuit, which is in the opposite direction to the Dodô, reduced, going from the region of the Spanish Club, in Ondina, to Farol da Barra.

focus not center

In addition to the launch of Carnival, the event also made a very clear priority: the recovery of the party in the center of Salvador. Therefore, a series of novelties were released for the surroundings of Circuito Osmar, in Campo Grande. The first of them is Donas do Som, which will take artists such as Karol Conká, Larissa Luz, Melly, Sued Nunes to a stage at Praça Castro Alves from February 17th to 19th.

Another novelty is the Balcony of Folia, which will be installed between the official cabins in Campo Grande. Artists such as Nininha Problemática, Rachel Reis, Liniker, Larissa Luz and Danniel Vieira will perform on the veranda, which is on the edge of the Circuit and will have free access for the public subject to capacity. From the 17th to the 21st of February, there will be a Palco Brisa, as happened at the Festival da Virada 2023.

Artists participated in the official launch of the party

(Photo: Marina Silva/MAIL)

The Carnival one will be at Espaço Cultural da Barroquinha. There, mainly artists from the house will appear, such as Márcia Castro, Pedro Pondé, Sistema Pagotrap, Yan Cloud, Afrocidade and Vandal. There will also be a trios meeting with Carlinhos Brown and Attooxxa and Afrocidade and Baco Exu do Blues at Praça Castro Alves, the latter without a set date yet.

To close the news, the municipal management also announced After Batekoo, which will run from 00:00 to 03:00 from February 17th to 21st during the party. There, Afrobapho, Freshprincedabahia, Tícia and much more will be presented. An effort to make the public look better at the Circuito do Campo Grande.

Bruno Reis explained that all the innovations are to “try to bring young people back to this circuit, offering different products, so that they can circulate to the Center and follow the most diverse attractions, of different musical styles”, said the mayor. “It’s the Downtown Carnival like you’ve never seen before,” he added.

expectation not high

At the event, several artists were present, such as Carlinhos Brown, Xanddy Harmonia, Oh Polêmico, O Kanalha and Nininha Problemática. Brown, who will also perform at Bloco da Timbalada, along with other former singers of the group.

“The expectation is the best possible, everything we see here is the sign of not only spontaneous preparation, but also an organization. […] About the Timbalada Block, it’s a delight. It has a special taste, I’m very happy, “she said.

Oh Polólico, who owns the hit ‘Deixa eu put meu doll’, one of the candidates to be the Carnival song, also spoke with optimism about the expectation for the party and the visibility of the pagodão in it.

Muses from Ilê Aiyê performed during the event

(Photo: Marina Silva/MAIL)

“I’m very happy with my first year at Carnival, still being an ambassador. The expectation is to deliver a great show, with an updated repertoire and, God willing, Carnival music”, said the singer.

About the economic expectation, Bruno Reis explained that an injection of BRL 2 billion is expected considering the profits from taxes on tourism, hotels, bars and restaurants and other activities. “The expectation is that we go over R$ 2 billion, we are seeing hotels and bars full. It is the biggest version of all time, we have never received so many tourists”, he said.

“We haven’t closed the investment numbers for the party yet, but I can assure you that the sponsorship, over R$ 30 million, the mobilization of taxes and the jobs generated make the public resource applied an investment”, concluded Reis.

The municipal management set up a mega-operation to guarantee the event of the party in the best conditions. See the main numbers of the departments involved:

Mobility Department

800 agents working
30 vehicles available
Seven bases of operation

300 lines in Salvador
10,000 road
80 lines 24h for Carnival
Three exclusive corridors (dike, centenary and oceanic avenue)

Four special points: Vale do Canela, Av. Garibali (Clériston Andrande Monument), Av Centenário (Calabar) and Cayrú Square (Elevador Lacerda).

7242 taxis at 17 special points
1200 motorcycle taxis at 8 special points


997 professionals
61 vehicles
111 traffic barriers
7 operational bases
25 motoviaturas

15 access portals
420 signage banners
20 informational banners
15 light panels

Health’s Secretary:

5300 shifts
1500 servers working
115 doctors
5 oral and maxillofacial surgery teams
135 beds
11 stabilization beds
11 health modules
73 ambulances
12 motorcycles
two ambulanchas
Ten health surveillance posts

Department of Urban Development:

300 agents
Four fixed posts: Campo Grande, Praça Castro Alves, Ondina and Barra)

Secretary of Innovation and Technology:

201 cameras on circuits for monitoring
759 communication radios
Official whatsapp with all services

Secretary of Public Order:

560 professionals involved
13,500 jobs for trade
4,000 street vendor licenses
ten operational stations
85 vehicles
213 lifeguard
Seven lifeboat posts
150 public lighting technicians
4790 projectors

Municipal Civil Guard:

1059 guards
75 vehicles
54 heritage posts
13 advanced bases (six in Barra and seven in Campo Grande)
A monitoring center
A mobile operating base


3000 employees
218 equipment
Eight collector support centers
50 cooperatives (plastic action is life)
3200 chemical toilets
90 air-conditioned containers

Secretary of Social Promotion

154 professionals working
66 professionals in social approach
Three accessible cabins: Campo Grande for seniors, Piedade for people with disabilities and Ondina for both groups.
The cabins will accommodate 500 people.

Secretariat of Policies for Women, Children and Youth:

650 professionals
Two reference centers for women’s care
A shelter for victims of violence
Five reception centers for children of street vendors who need to work at carnival for up to 500 children

Secretary of Social Reparation:

90 crime observers of racism, LGBTphobia and violence against women
Records will be transformed into public policies and it has a partnership with the MP to indict the places that allow these crimes in their space.

Communication Secretariat:

2,500 registered professionals
Campo Grande Press Room
Mayor’s Daily Gatherings
50 Secom professionals working


Speech Reveler 156
Service desks in all circuits

Maintenance Department:

Seven teams on duty
135 professionals involved

Civil defense:

Three operational bases
Eight observation posts
58 employees
Two on duty
eight vehicles
a trailer

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