To resume sales of “FF14” DL version and expand the scale of operation. In addition to large-scale data center expansion, world reorganization is planned in Japan –AUTOMATON

Square Enix announced on January 14th, “FINAL FANTASY XIV(Hereinafter, “FF14”) announced a plan to expand the scale of operation. The main content is server-related updates, such as the opening of a new data center for the Oceania region and the release date of the data center travel system. In “FF14”, the crowds of players have continued since the start of the “Akatsuki Finale” service on December 3rd. However, due to the preparations for opening a data center for the Oceania region and the current distribution of player login times, services that had been suspended as a measure against congestion will be resumed in sequence. The download version, which had been suspended, will be resumed from 17:00 on January 25th.

New Oceania Data Center Opens

The Oceania Data Center, which has been planned and prepared for some time, will open on January 25th. Five new worlds will be opened in the data center. Initially, it was planned to add 2 worlds after the opening of 3 worlds, but it was decided to open 5 worlds from the beginning in consideration of the current congestion situation. Until now, players living in Oceania have been scattered in data centers in Japan / North America / Europe, but there are many inconveniences such as network delays, and it was strongly desired to open a local data center. You can change your home world to the new Oceania data center for free.

In addition, the home world change service will be resumed from January 26, the day after the opening of the Oceania Data Center. The home world change service, which had been suspended as a measure against player congestion, seems to have settled down and the prospect of resuming it by adding a new data center. Although this will be charged, you can change your home world to an existing world other than the Oceania data center. However, it is not possible to move to some designated crowded worlds, so players who are considering using it should check the world situation diligently.

Details of data center travel system revealed

The implementation of the data center travel system was announced in patch 6.1x, although the exact timing is unknown. In addition, the outline of the system of concern was also released. The data center travel system has been announced for implementation, but its release has been postponed due to congestion. With this system, it is possible to play beyond the walls of a logical data center.

The data center of “FF14” is divided into a physical data center where a physical server is installed and a logical data center used for matching classification. Physical data centers currently exist in Japan / North America / Europe, where Oceania will be added on January 25th. The logical data center is a further division of this physical data center for matching. The Japan data center has Elemental / Mana / Gaia, the North America data center has Aether / Primal, and the European data center has Chaos / Light logical data centers. The world we players spend their days in is even under the control of this logical data center.

The data center travel system is for jumping over the walls of logical data centers within this data center division. It is technically possible to jump over physical data centers, but due to the large difference in in-game economy and player values ​​between physical data centers, it is said that only cross-borders of logical data centers will be implemented for the time being. It seems that we will consider whether to expand in the future while watching the feedback from the players.

In the world to which you have moved beyond the data center, you cannot use the system managed by the logical data center such as FC chat and cross-world link shell. However, it seems that there are almost no restrictions on playing the game, such as progressing quests, participating in party recruitment, entering content, using the content finder, etc. Since it does not hinder the challenge of high-difficulty content, it is no problem to form a fixed party if a means of communication outside the game can be secured. Data Center Travel is scheduled to be implemented in patch 6.1x, so it seems that it will not be in time for the new content that will be implemented in patch 6.1. However, it can be said that the range of future fixed activity member gathering will definitely expand, such as the sequel to “Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0” that will be implemented in patch 6.2.

Expansion plan for existing data center

Plans to expand existing data centers in Japan / North America / Europe have also been announced. The Japan Data Center will undergo a large-scale change in the world structure with the addition of a new logical data center by July 2022. Currently, the Japan Data Center has 3 logical data centers and 32 worlds. The current configuration was achieved by adding worlds to deal with congestion when the “New Eorzea” was released in 2013, but the number of worlds in one logical data center is larger than overseas, and efficient operation is not possible. It is said that it is in. In the large-scale world composition change that will be implemented around July, one logical data center will be added to four, and the current 32 worlds will be distributed by eight. It is a painful decision to maintain the community, but the development side will provide as much support as possible, such as implementing the above-mentioned data center travel system and utilizing the home world change service.

In the North American data center, one new logical data center will be set up in August 2022, and 4 worlds will be added under it. In addition, four new worlds will be added to the logical data center from spring to summer 2023. In July 2022, the European data center will add a total of four new worlds, two for each of the current two logical data centers. In addition, around the summer of 2023, one logical data center will be added and eight new worlds will be opened.

Download version resumes sales

The product version for new players, which was temporarily suspended as a response to congestion, will resume sales from 17:00 on January 25th. The following titles will be resumed for sale.

“FINAL FANTASY XIV” Complete Pack Collector’s Edition

In addition, the free trial version, which has stopped accepting new registrations at the same time as the sales of the download version is stopped, will be resumed while watching the future situation.

As a response to congestion, “FF14” has released the contents related to server-related updates. In Japan, important news related to the community was also announced, such as the reorganization of the world in the logical data center. However, there are plans to implement a data center travel system that jumps over the big walls of the server, so the reorganization will not prevent you from meeting your friends again. The “FF14” development team, including producer and director Naoki Yoshida, has always emphasized and helped nurture the player community. Let’s believe that the future “FF14” will continue to develop even better after the reorganization. Click here for the full text of the announcement.

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