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The farewell tweet with a precious memory photo was a big response

Yamakawa outfielder Hodaka Seibu has received a great response to the “words of regret” sent to his teammates who are leaving the team. For Yuya Mori, a catcher who has decided to join Orix by exercising his FA rights, he shared a precious memory photo on Twitter and said, “I was more happy and frustrated than anyone else when Mori hit!” They also revealed the promise they exchanged 9 years ago, and fans broke down, saying, “I’ve been suppressing my emotions since yesterday, but I finally burst into tears.”

Although Yamakawa was four years older, he was selected in the 2013 draft. “Training the 2nd army was too hard, so I played without eating lunch at all,” he recalled when he had just started. It’s not just about happy things to remember. “I was forced to exercise all over my body, and my coach was beating me a lot. I kept saying that even if I died I would look back. Nine years ago, I was saying we’d both definitely hit 3rd and 4th. .”

They will be enemies from next season on, but their relationship as baseball players who respect each other will not change. He called out to Mori, “Even if the team changes, we’re still friends!” The posting had more than 75,000 likes in just over 5 hours. Many fans who were moved by the song said, “If I see this, I’ll cry,” “This will make me cry,” and “Bonds is nice.”

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