To the police; Asif Khan, brother of Governor Arif Mohammad Khan | was arrested Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Delhi police have arrested former Congress MP and brother of Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, Asif Muhammad Khan, for allegedly grabbing and misbehaving with a police officer.

Ariba Khan, daughter of Asif Mohammad Khan, is the Congress candidate from Shaheen Bagh in the Delhi Corporation elections to be held on December 4. DCP Isha Pandey said that Asif held a meeting in Jamia Nagar without the permission of the Election Commission and misbehaved with the police officer who tried to stop him.

Asif’s response was that when the AAP workers came to stop the attempt to influence the voters by giving them money, the police intervened unnecessarily. Ariba claimed that the police team that came to the house used force and took the father into custody.

English Summary: Asif Mohammad Khan, brother of Governor Arif Mohammad Khan was arrested

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