TOA launches interior paint “Organic Care” highlighting Bio-Based Technology Innovation

Mr. Jatupat Tangkaravakun Chief Executive Officer TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited or TOA Revealed that from everyone who has to face the crisis of the epidemic of Covid-19 until now Make people’s lifestyle behaviors change from the original. From a new lifestyle of “New Normal” to “Now Normal” that everyone has to adapt to live in the present as normal and happy. along with health care Increased home living and environmental stewardship

However TOA As a manufacturer of paints and building materials Therefore, innovations have been developed to meet the needs of home security. and safety for the environment or the world where everyone lives, that is color TOA Organic Care ” Interior paint developed with Bio-Based technology, the first and only one in Thailand that has been certified by USDA, USA by TOA has developed this technology with the world’s leading chemical companies from the United States. by using plant-based components to develop to replace raw materials from petrochemicals

It also provides excellent color film durability. And most importantly, it provides superior safety features. With a very mild odor, 0% VOCs volatile, non-allergenic according to the Australian Sensitive Choice standard, reduces formaldehyde in the air with Air Detoxify technology, passed the LEED V4.1 USA standard and green building standards. Therefore, it is safe for all life in the house and is also environmentally friendly. It also offers excellent quality, durability and wipeability. This is the commitment TOA Ready to create something better for everyone and the world.

in addition TOA also launched “Doctor Oak” Smith Arayasakul presenter of TOA Organic Care by Dr. Oak is a person who has knowledge and expertise in health They are also representatives of the family of the new generation who care about the quality of life of every life and environment. which is the same concept with products and brands TOA In addition, Dr. Oak also shared the story of safety for life and living in the house. Through a series of commercials, “Organic Living, Organic Care” to point out that it is not just food or utensils that everyone can choose for the best health benefits. But living in the house Everyone can make healthy choices too.

For the marketing direction of the product TOA that Mr. Nantaphon Boonlue Marketing Director TOA has said TOA We remain committed to innovation to deliver better things for consumers and the world. Throughout the past TOA has presented various innovations For example, being the first paint in Thailand to use paint technology that is free of heavy metals, mercury and lead that are harmful to the health of users. or being the first building paint in Thailand and in Southeast Asia to use it

100% pure acrylic water technology under the brand SuperShield or the introduction of automatic color mixing technology into Thailand. which has changed the color retail industry in Thailand to the present

by the direction of product development TOA Will focus on product development and innovation in 3 areas: 1. Quality of use that must be better, more durable, more cost-effective for direct benefits to consumers, 2. Answering the problems of use (Pain point) of the house. Construction and various industries To cover more, 3. Develop existing and new products. for safety and sustainability for life and the environment

However, this is an approach that is an important goal that will drive the sustainability of the TOA towards consumers and the world at the same time


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