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Today, 500 people are expected… Is the 4th pandemic government-Seoul quarantine conflict variable?

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Inspection matrix that continues even when it rains

picture explanationInspection matrix that continues even when it rains

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With the start of the ‘4th outbreak’ of a new coronavirus infection in Korea (Corona 19), the number of new confirmed cases is rising and falling from 500 to 700 every day.

Compared to that of maintaining 300-400 people for one month in March, the trend is markedly spreading.

In particular, the number of confirmed cases of regional outbreaks on an average daily for the past week, which is a key indicator of the adjustment of the’social distance’ stage, has exceeded 600 in three months, and the pressure to raise the stage is increasing.

Accordingly, the government held a special quarantine inspection meeting for Corona 19 response on the 12th to review quarantine response strategies by relevant ministries and prepared special quarantine measures, including preemptive periodic inspections for outbreak areas.

However, while the government imposed a business ban on entertainment facilities in the second stage of distancing, such as the metropolitan area and Busan, the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to promote’Seoul-style win-win quarantine’, including reduction of nighttime business hours for each business type, and thus there was a conflict. There are concerns that it will be a variable.

If the conflict between the government and the city of Seoul becomes a reality, confusion at the quarantine field will make it difficult to respond to all kinds of problems.

◇ Today, 500 people are expected… 607 confirmed cases of local outbreaks on average per day for one week

According to the Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters (Bangdaebon) on the 13th, the number of new confirmed cases as of 0 o’clock the previous day was 587.

The number of people decreased by 27 from the 11th (614), which was the previous day, and fell below 600 people in six days since the 6th (477).

The number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 0 o’clock on this day is expected to decrease somewhat.

The quarantine authorities and local governments, such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government, numbered 464 new confirmed cases midway between 0 and 9 pm the previous day. There were 46 fewer than 510 at the same time the day before.

Considering the trend that the number of confirmed cases does not increase after 9 pm, it is expected to reach the early, mid or late 500s.

Even if the number of confirmed cases decreases a little on this day, it is difficult to say that the spread trend has declined.

This is because the number of confirmed cases tends to decrease and then increase again from the middle as the effect of the decrease in the number of tests on weekends and holidays continues until the beginning of the week.

Recently, the number of new confirmed cases has continued to increase.

[그래픽]  New confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea

picture explanation[그래픽] New confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea

In the last week (4.6-12), the number of new confirmed cases per day recorded 477 → 668 → 700 → 671 → 677 → 614 → 587, showing an average of 628 per day.

Of these, the average daily regional outbreak was 607, which far exceeded the upper line of the 2.5-stage standard (400-500 or more nationwide, or when there was a rapid increase in patients such as doubling).

It was only 3 months after January 12th (average of 631 people per day) that this figure has risen to the 600 people.

◇ Nearly 30% of unknown paths of infection… The government strengthens periodic preemptive inspections for epidemic areas, etc.

Among these, the rate of unknown infection route, which is the cause of’quiet transmission’, is also approaching 30%, raising concerns about the spread of infection.

The proportion of all confirmed cases of Corona 19 whose infection route has not been confirmed jumped from 13.0% in November last year, at the beginning of the third epidemic, to 28.2% at the beginning of this month (4.4-10).

On a monthly basis, it rose to 23.3% in December last year, and then remained in the early 20% range, including 22.3% in January, 20.7% in February, and 23.5% in March, and soared to 28.2%.

The quarantine authorities analyzed that the risk of spreading the infection increased as the amount of travel and outdoor activities increased in spring in a situation in which “hidden infected people” such as mild and asymptomatic were accumulated due to the prolonged period of the third pandemic.

The steadily increasing number of cases of foreign mutant virus infections, which are known to have stronger spreading power than existing viruses, is also raising the burden of quarantine.

As of the previous day, a total of 49 mutant virus infections, including 44 from the UK, 4 from South Africa (South Africa), and 1 from Brazil, were newly identified. done.

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Minister Kwon Deok-cheol, briefing at the special quarantine inspection meeting

picture explanationMinister Kwon Deok-cheol, briefing at the Special Quarantine Inspection Meeting

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The government has additionally prepared special quarantine measures to actively respond to such risk factors.

The main quarantine measures included a plan to expand preemptive tests, which have been conducted for workers in public bathhouses, daycare centers, and entertainment facilities, who are vulnerable to group infection, to the outbreak areas and conduct them on a regular basis.

In addition, even if there are no epidemiological associations or suspicious symptoms, it is included to receive free tests at screening clinics at public health centers, and to expand support for test costs for inpatients.

As measures to block the influx of mutant viruses, expanded gene amplification (PCR) tests for foreign visitors subject to quarantine exemption, and measures to quarantine temporary living facilities for 14 days for those arriving from South Africa and Tanzania were prepared.

◇ The impact of the’quarantine conflict’ in Seoul

Meanwhile, there are observations that the signs of conflict between the government and the city of Seoul can also be a variable in responding to Corona 19 quarantine.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said that after establishing the’Seoul-type Distance Manual’ by next week, he would fully discuss with the central government on how and when it would be implemented. Cannot be excluded.

Mayor Oh said in an online briefing the day before that “I will change the paradigm to’win-win quarantine’ that protects both people’s livelihood and quarantine, rather than a uniform’regulated quarantine’ that forces the sacrifice of self-employed and small business owners.”

The specific plan has not been confirmed.

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Oh Sehun,

picture explanationSe-Hoon Oh, “Promoting’win-win quarantine’ to protect both public and quarantine”

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However, in an official letter sent by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to the industry to collect opinions, business hours for entertainment pubs, Danran pubs, Gamseong pubs, and hunting pot teas are open until midnight, Hold’em pubs and pubs are open until 11 pm, and Collate is in the afternoon like regular restaurants and cafes. It is reported that a plan to allow each business until 10 o’clock is included.

In response, Tae-ho Yoon, head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters (heavy water version), said, “There are areas that local governments can do autonomously in consideration of the characteristics of regional epidemics. He said, “It would be better to discuss this direction with Seoul City,” he said.

“The metropolitan area is bound by a more powerful living area than other local governments,” he added. “I think it would be advisable to consult while considering the overall situation in the metropolitan area.”


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