‘Today is my baby’s day’; Fans celebrate Navya and greet her son’s birthday


HNavya Nair is the all time favorite heroine of Layalis. With the film Nandanam, the actress became the own child of the family audience. Pictures and posts shared by the active star on social media are getting attention. Now the actor has come to wish his son Sai a happy birthday.

The Apple Watch Series 6 was given to her son as a birthday present. Navya also shared a video of Sai opening the surprise. Navya always shares videos and pictures with her son.

Navya made her acting debut with the film Ishtam. Dileep was the hero of the movie. The actress also acted in the Tamil film Azhakiya Thieye. Navya Nair is returning to Malayalam cinema after a long hiatus. Navya will be making her comeback with VK Prakash directed ‘Oruthi’.

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Last Updated 22, Nov 2020, 5:50 PM



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