Today, the Thai stock market index closed at 1,615.33 points, down -3.53 points or -0.22%.

Thai e-Finance News Agency- -22 Nov. 22 16:45

Thai e-Finance News Agency (22 Nov ’22)— On HH:mm, trading value was 57,220.99 million baht The 5 most traded securities were: 1.AOT closed at 74.50 baht, down -0.25 baht, trading value 2,122.03 million baht 2.BANPU closed at 12.80 baht, increased by 0.20 baht, trading value 1,938.92 million baht 3.TRUE closed at 4.60 baht, a decrease of -0.38 baht, trading value 1,840.75 million baht 4.PTTEP closed at 185.00 baht, decreased by -1.50 baht, trading value 1,719.5400000 baht baht. closed at 40.25 baht, a decrease of -4.50 baht, a trading value of 1,707.73 million baht. The SET100 index closed at 2,206.05 points, a decrease of -6.65 points or -0.30% The SET50 index closed at 981.97 points, a decrease of -2.77 points or -0.28 % The market index closed at 586.31 points, down -9.13 points or -1.53%

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