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Today, the total turnover is 46,307 million baht : InfoQuest

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Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA) Summary of Thai Bond Market Today The total daily trading value was 46,307 million baht. The top two with the highest turnover value are:

1. Asset Management Group (Asset Management Company) net sales of 109 million baht.

2. Insurance Group, net purchase of 613 million baht

While foreign investors sold a net of 1,998 million baht, the yield of 5-year bonds closed at 1.2%, an increase of +0.03% from yesterday.

Overview of the market today

Yield Curve increased from the previous day by 2-5 bps on long-term instruments. Part of it comes from investors having to adjust their investment portfolios. to prepare for the auction of bonds For foreign investors’ investment flow today, NET OUTFLOW 1,998 million baht, caused by NET SELL 1,998 million baht and no debt securities held by foreign investors expire (Expired). China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2011 grew only 4.9% (YoY), lower than analysts’ forecast of a 5.2% growth due to the impact of energy shortages. , supply disruption, COVID-19 epidemic and the government’s control over the real estate sector The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has a NET BUY of 3,773 million baht for foreign investors.

Summary of bond trading conditions

Thai bond market 18-10-2021 %Change
turnover 46,306.81 million baht
3-month government bond yield 0.50 % 0.00 %
1-Year Government Bond Yield 0.52 % 0.00 %
5-Year Government Bond Yield 1.20 % more 0.03 %

Outright turnover (separated by instrument)

Instrument type million baht %Change
Treasury bills 1,254.03 reduce 53 %
government bonds 28,150.14 more 136 %
government promissory note 0.00 n/a
BOT bonds 12,813.16 reduce 30 %
state enterprise bonds 258.76 n/a
private bond 2,384.61 more 60 %
foreign bond 0.00 reduce 100 %

Note: n/a is invalid because it has no trading value on the previous day.

By InfoQuest News Agency (18 Oct. 64)

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