Today’s comedies have changed, the director backed up when asked to speak the dialogue of Ashsheela – Harishree Ashokan

Today’s comedies have changed, the director backed up when asked to say Ashsheela’s dialogue: Harishree Ashokan

Harishree Ashokan is the best comedian in Malayalam. Apart from comedy roles, today he can be seen in many serious roles. The actor talks about how he backed down when he was asked to deliver an obscene dialogue in a film. He also talked about doing more serious roles in the near future. These things were said in an interview given to Manorama News.

Are there any comedy movies now? Movies today are not like when I was active in the past. I had the history of three films. But I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the characters and the story as a movie.

I like comedy that much. I will not refrain from doing comedy considering that I am doing serious roles now. If good comedies come, I will. I avoided the stories that came to me because I didn’t like them. I didn’t move away from comedy on purpose.

A person who eats coconut should eat it alone. Squash and Keralo. If we get kashi, we will eat coconut, coconut and gourd. In the past I used to run and make films. Today it is not. I used to act in three films in a day. Today he can’t.

Recently, I did a character with a bit of comedy in ‘Priyan Ottathi’. Ramana in Punjabi House is not really a comedy. What people do is comedy. That’s really the nature of the character.

The raucous comedies of the past are no more. Today there are simple comedies. Today’s comedies are very natural. Today’s comedies have changed with time. A director once asked me to do a dirty comedy. I asked if it should be avoided. As a result it was changed,” said Harishree Ashokan.

Meanwhile, Hasyaam is the star’s upcoming film. Harishree Ashokan plays the role of Japan in the film. The film is made in the background of dark humor.

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