Today’s covids, Chonburi, 147 new cases, no more deaths.

Covid-19 situation, Chonburi found 147 new cases, no more deaths found. still keep an eye on the various clusters in the area and strictly follow the disease prevention standards

situation COVID-19 AreaChonburi Today (29 Nov. 19) there are reports of infected people.Covid-19 147 new cases, no one founddiedAdd details as follows

1. People who live in Rayong came to receive treatment in Chonburi Province, 3 cases, collecting 5,084 cases, and other provinces, collecting 1,828 cases.

2. Cluster, Thai Samsung Electronics Company Limited, Sriracha District, 4 cases, collecting 52 cases

3. Risky occupation, meeting a lot of 6 people

4. 1 medical personnel

5. Provide a history of traveling from provincial risk areas
5.1 Bangkok 1 person
5.2 Phuket Province 1 person
5.3 Rayong Province 1 case

9. Touch the confirmed patient
9.1 in 39 families
9.2 from 26 workplaces
9.3 4 close persons

10. Touch the confirmed patient (under investigation) 22 cases

11. Currently under investigation for 39 cases

As of 29 November 2021 Chonburi A total of 2,670,775 people have been vaccinated with 2 injections, which this month. There are 1,367 people who have had 2 injections of vaccines, 11 have pneumonia, 2 are intubated, and 4 have died.

Of the 161,256 people vaccinated with just one dose and 497,042 unvaccinated, a total of 658,298 people this month, 674 under-vaccinated and 4,473 unvaccinated with pneumonia, 52 intubated. 7 rescued, 30 died

As of today, 3 new pneumonia cases were found (no history of vaccination, 2 cases). Vaccination will help reduce the severity of COVID-19. People who live in Chonburi should be vaccinated against COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with congenital diseases pregnant woman due to COVID-19 infection not vaccinated are more likely to develop severe symptoms than those vaccinated. which leads to death from COVID-19 and the elderly person with underlying disease pregnant woman will have more symptoms than other groups

Covid-19 outbreak april ripple From entertainment venues, to family, to colleagues. to the community where employees and labourers live, which have risk factors from eating together or have close activities Socialize even in small groups of 2-3 with close friends.
causing outbreaks in clusters (Cluster) in which people gather both in the establishment, market, construction worker camp and residential communities, military camps

ask for cooperation community community as follows

1. Traders or employees Do not come in close contact with other vendors or employees, do not eat close by.
2. not socializing
3. Sick must stop
4. Clean the bathroom regularly. especially the common touch points After leaving the bathroom, wash your hands every time. Do not use your hands on your face without washing your hands.
5. Wear a mask all the time
6. When there is an infected person in the market If there is a proactive examination Ask everyone to be proactively examined.
7. When the market is closed Ask for the cooperation of the touch or there is a risk of infection to stop at home
8. Not accepting foreign workers from risk areas
9 There is a regular randomized ATK test.

1. Don’t socialize, don’t set up a drinking circle.
2. Food must not be eaten close by.
3. Sick must stop
4. Joint touch point Must be cleaned often, such as knobs, handrails, finger scans, signatures and wash hands immediately.
5. Strict personal hygiene Wear a mask all the time, wash your hands often, stay away from each other.
6 Randomly check ATK regularly

For those who are in close contact with those infected with COVID-19 Strict quarantine is required. not go out to spread the infection

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Chonburi Based on the balance between disease control, economic and social

Factors affecting the speed of the spread of COVID-19 depending on the movement of people outside the home intimacy including the length of time in close contact with each other In addition to not being strict in personal hygiene. If you don’t wash your hands before touching your face The virus enters the nose, mouth, and eyes, causing infection and spreading.

In the situation of COVID-19 There is a widespread outbreak until it may become a local disease The leaven is not gone. This makes it possible to get infected. but must not cause an epidemic until the public health system is insufficient and must not die Therefore, we ask for cooperation from all sectors to comply with the disease control measures of Chonburi Province.
Search a lot, detain well. New way of life. join the vaccination

1 Search a lot. Public service places. crowd ATK screening must be performed regularly. People who have symptoms or are suspected of being in close contact with those infected with COVID-19 should have an ATK screening test.

2, quarantine well. Those who come in contact with infected people should quarantine well. The infected person must be quarantined. not to infect others

3 new way of life Everyone must strictly adhere to personal hygiene, keep distance, wash hands regularly, masks must be worn through the nose, mouth, eyes, must not touch their faces. without washing hands Everyone must be able to coexist safely in the situation of COVID-19. still have to be left (smart living with covid-19) and may become endemic public service facility Must have preventive measures (covid-19 free setting)

4 join in vaccination Vaccines can reduce the severity of COVID-19 by 100%, but those who have been vaccinated can still be infected with covid-19 still need personal hygiene We ask for your cooperation in vaccination. to reduce the speed of the outbreak and reduce the severity of COVID-19 especially the elderly and those with congenital disease There are still deaths from COVID-19. Most of them are elderly and have congenital disease. and who are not vaccinated



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