Today’s Horoscope February 6 2023 Gemini To Travel For Work Progress In Job For Capricorn | Horoscope 2023: Progress in work for Capricorns; Today’s Complete Horoscope

If you are making any plans for your day, it is good to know your planetary position before you proceed with new decisions in life or work. You know what today will be like for you.


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Aries – Today will be a good day for Aries. It is possible to get the remaining amount back. Help poor people. Recite the Gayatri Mantra.

Davam- You will get support from friends. Problems in married life will decrease. Get to your office on time. Put vegetables.

Gemini – Treat everyone in your workplace with respect. Don’t lend money to anyone. The important thing will have to go out. Recitation of Devi Sukta.

Cancer – Afternoon is not favorable for Cancers today. You will get support from loved ones. Meditate on Lord Shiva.

Leo – Respect the elders. Don’t lend money to anyone. There will be a dispute with the spouse. Worship Lord Surya.

Virgo – Students should focus on studies. Relationship with life partner will be good. Do not quarrel with your loved ones. Meditate on Goddess Durga.

Libra – Don’t get into an argument with anyone. Help a friend in need. Get home on time. Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama.

Scorpio- The time is not favorable for Scorpios until this evening. Don’t lend money to anyone. Don’t argue with your neighbours. Meditate on Lord Hanuman.

Sagittarius- There will be a dispute with a friend regarding an old matter. Support a friend when needed. There will be a headache. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Capricorn- Respect the younger ones. Do not do any important work until noon. There will be progress in the work. Worship of Goddess Durga.

Aquarius – An important work interruption will end. The money invested in the business will be returned. Respect your parents. Worship Lord Shiva.

Pisces- Will get support from life partner. Valuables can be lost. Worship Goddess Lakshmi.

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