Today’s National Monks Competition… 5,000 monks gather in Seoul

Members of the Central Order of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.  <Photo - Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism>” src=”<a data-ail=news/jam_photo/202201/21/aee74860-a56d-430e-a455-3c4956983d86.jpg”/>Members of the Central Order of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

Today (21st), the Jogye Order is holding a large-scale monks’ meeting to urge the government to eradicate religious bias.

The Jogye Order said, “Under the current government, religious biases have reached a state that monks and Buddhists can no longer tolerate.” We plan to hold the National Monks Competition in the midst of the approval,” he said.

The official name of the Monks Contest to be held at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul today (21st) at 2 pm is the ‘National Monks Contest for the Eradication of Religious Bias and Distortions of Buddhism and the Protection of the Sovereignty of Korean Buddhism’. It is known that about 5,000 monks from temples across the country will participate.

The monks’ meeting will begin with simultaneous bells ringing at temples across the country. Wonhaeng, the general secretary of the Jogye Order, will announce the purpose of the event as a public service, and the chairman of the group elders meeting, Semin, will read the teachings of the Jongjeong Jinje.

Next, a video showing the case of the Jogye Order claiming to be the current government’s religious bias and distortion of Buddhism is screened, and participants read letters and resolutions addressed to the people.



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