Today’s stock forecast = tug of war between high price warning and good financial results interest in Toyota financial results | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Tokyo stock market today is expected to see a fall in the Nikkei Stock Average. In addition to the small drop in US stocks the day before, while Japanese stocks have a sense of caution against high prices, they continue to look for stocks with good returns, and the speculation of shareholder returns supports the lower prices, and a new high. which is in sight.. Toyota Motor Corporation is due to announce its financial results during the market, and there is interest in the impact on the market.

The expected range for the Nikkei average is 29,000 yen to 29,300 yen.

The US stock market closed with major stock indexes falling. Investors became cautious ahead of the release of the US consumer price index (CPI) in April and the issue of the US debt ceiling was discussed.

The Nikkei Stock Average is approaching the high price since the beginning of the year, and although high price warnings are smoldering, it seems that the search for good earning stocks will remain active. There is also a deep desire to return profits to shareholders, and the price is expected to reach new highs.

In the market, “Although there are investors who want to check the reaction of US stocks to the US CPI announcement, expectations for shareholder earnings will be the basis of the market, which could lead to conflict,” said Yutaka Miura of Mizuho Securities. a Senior Technical Analyst is asked).

Regarding Toyota’s financial results, an analyst at a domestic securities company said, “In addition to performance, the presence or absence of shareholder returns is likely to be a key point.”

In Japan, the March economic trends index is due to be released. In addition to Toyota, companies such as Panasonic Holdings and Nippon Steel are due to announce corporate earnings.

Closing price of the previous business day High price since the beginning of the year Low price since the beginning of the year

Nikkei Average 29242.82 29278.8 25661.89

+292.94 2023/05/0 2023/01/0

2 4

Chicago Nikkei Stock Average Futures 29225 (Yen denominated)


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