Today’s stock outlook = continued decline, Nikkei falls below 28,000 yen due to US Nasdaq depreciation | Reuters

[Tokyo19thReuters]–The Nikkei Stock Average is expected to continue declining in today’s Tokyo stock market. It is expected that sales will expand mainly in high-tech stocks in the Tokyo market, following the trend that Nasdaq Composite has fallen sharply in the US stock market the day before. The Nikkei average is likely to break below 28,000 yen again and seek a lower price.

The expected range of the Nikkei average is 27,800 yen to 28,300 yen.

In the US stock market on the 18th after the Golden Week holidays, the three major indexes fell sharply. High-tech stocks were sold in response to rising US Treasury yields, and Goldman Sachs’ financial results were sluggish and financial stocks plummeted. The Nasdaq fell 2.60% and the 200-day moving average fell below the closing price for the first time since April 2020.

The current dollar / yen pair is around 114.65 yen, almost flat from 114.51 yen as of 3:00 pm on the 17th. Chicago’s Nikkei average futures March contract (yen denominated) liquidation price is 28,005 yen, which is about 250 yen lower than the previous day’s spot closing price.

Although Japanese stocks had factored in rising crude oil prices and US interest rates from the previous day, the yield on US 10-year bonds rose further after closing, reaching 1.8810%, the highest level since January 2020. In the market, there are voices saying that “it has not been fully incorporated as of the day before” (domestic securities).

In particular, high PER (price-earnings ratio) stocks such as semiconductor-related stocks are likely to have stronger profit-taking sales. The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX Index) on the 18th was 4.44% lower. The value is expected to weigh on high-tech stocks.

The main schedule is to have a representative question at the plenary session of the House of Representatives, as well as the weekly Red Book Large-Scale Retail Store sales, Morgan Stanley, P & G, Bank of America and other companies’ financial results in the United States. ..

Last business day closing price Last year’s high price Last year’s low price

Nikkei 225 28257.25 30795.78 26954.81

– 76.27 September 14, 2021 August 20, 2021

Chicago Nikkei Average Futures Limit 28005 (yen denominated)




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