Today’s stock outlook = rebound, US stocks rise favorably easing excessive caution against new mutants | Reuters

[Tokyo 30th Reuters]–The Nikkei Stock Average is expected to rebound in today’s Tokyo stock market. US stocks have rebounded the day before, and the Tokyo market is expected to ease excessive caution about the new mutant strain of the new coronavirus, the Omicron strain. Buying aimed at autonomous repulsion preceded, and then US stock futures and dollar / yen movements are likely to continue to attract attention.

The expected range of the Nikkei average is 28,100 yen to 28,700 yen.

In the US stock market the day before, all three major stock prices rebounded from the plunge last weekend. Regarding the new mutant strain of the new coronavirus, “Omicron,” US President Joe Biden said that it would not lead to the reintroduction of lockdown (city blockade), and the sense of security spread. Supported by the rise in technology stocks, Nasdaq Composite led the rise.

In the Tokyo market as well, the excessive caution over Omicron has receded, and the Nikkei 225 is expected to start rising in the form of whispering to the Chicago Nikkei 225 futures. The US Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX Index) has risen by 4%, and Japanese stocks are also expected to be driven by high-tech stocks. Japanese stocks have fallen by about 1200 yen in the two days since last weekend, and buying for autonomous repulsion is likely to precede.

The spread of infection in the world is wary of Omicron strains. In the market, “It is necessary to determine the severity rate and mortality rate, and the uncertainty is smoldering, but there are talks about vaccine development, so it may not be as surprising as when the Delta strain spread.” (Ichiyoshi Asset Mr. Mitsunari Akino, Senior Executive Officer of Management) is asked.

Today, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell are scheduled to give parliamentary testimony.

Previous business day closing price Year-to-date high price Year-to-date low

Nikkei 225 28283.92 30795.78 26954.81

-467.70 September 14, 2021 August 20, 2021

Chicago Nikkei Average Futures Limit 28330 (yen denominated)



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