Today’s stock outlook = search for lower prices, wary of mutant stocks and accelerating US quantitative easing contraction Weighing on US stock depreciation | Reuters

[Tokyo 1st Reuters]–The Nikkei Stock Average is expected to seek a lower price in today’s Tokyo stock market. Omicron, a new mutant of the new coronavirus, and the Federal Reserve’s (FRB) are likely to be wary of accelerating tapering. In the US market the day before, the three major indexes have fallen, which is expected to weigh on the market.

The expected range of the Nikkei average is 27,500 yen to 27,900 yen.

The US stock market closed the day before, with all three major stock prices falling. Fed Chair Jerome Powell has suggested that he may consider accelerating the shrinking of large-scale bond buying programs at the next policy meeting, further squeezing the nervous market over new variants of the new coronavirus. ..

In the Tokyo market, the Nikkei average is expected to continue to fall, following the trend of lower US stock prices. It is likely to be widely sold, from a sense of caution about mutant stocks to economic sensitive stocks, and from a sense of caution about accelerated tapering to growth stocks.

Meanwhile, Japanese stocks are approaching the lower end of this year’s range. In the Tokyo market, it seems that the latest bad news about mutant stocks was woven to some extent the day before. , I think it will be reluctant to lower gradually ”(Masahiro Ichikawa, Chief Market Strategist, Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management).

In the Tokyo market the day before, the CEO of Moderna of the United States pointed out that the efficacy of the vaccine is likely to be reduced for the Omicron strain, and the process of accelerating the decline toward the close. was there.

Today, in addition to the July-September corporate enterprise statistics in Japan, the November National Employment Report (ADP), November ISM Manufacturing Index, and US Regional Federation Economic Report (Beige Book) are scheduled to be released. There is.

Previous business day closing price Year-to-date high price Year-to-date low

Nikkei average 27821.76 30795.78 26954.81

-462.16 September 14, 2021 August 20, 2021

Chicago Nikkei Average Futures Limit 27675 (yen denominated)



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