Today’s total of Covid-19 infections are 2,747, 34 deaths.

epidemic situation ofCovid-19 daily epidemic situation management centercoronavirus disease 2019 or Prof. The latest report on the epidemic situation of coronavirus disease 2019, dated 27 July 2022, found2,747 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to date, 4,582,168. Number of infected people outside the hospital (ATK) Between 17-23 July 2022, 204,615 cases, total 6,668,542 cases

the situationCovid-19 vaccination

Summary of cumulative vaccination The cumulative number of vaccinations from February 28, 2021 – July 25, 2022, totaling 141,267,940 doses in 77 provinces. Overview of vaccinations as of 25 July 2022, the total number of vaccinations nationwide is 43,160 doses.

  • 1st needle: 2,510 cases
  • 2nd needle: 4,032 cases
  • Needle 3: 36,618 cases

Number of people who received the first dose of vaccine: 57,107,041

Cumulative number of people who received the second dose vaccination: 53,443,288

Cumulative number of people who received the 3rd dose vaccination: 30,717,611

Source: MOPH-IC

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