Home Entertainment Toei – Cheers for perfect turbulence. ‘Buppe Hundred Evil’ – Pop – Miu, fight with ‘different stars’

Toei – Cheers for perfect turbulence. ‘Buppe Hundred Evil’ – Pop – Miu, fight with ‘different stars’

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Pop-Miu wades ‘different stars’ action

‘Pop Tagore’ is preparing to play the role of ‘Chawasan’, the police officer in the drama ‘Different Stars’ paired with’ Mewluck Nara ‘to compete with Phra-Nang’ Great Warintorn ‘and’ Boom Supaporn, which both of them revealed that they wanted everyone to wait and follow. Intense fun for sure

Toei – Cheers for perfect turbulence. ‘Buppe Hundred Evil’

Open to the theater ‘Buppe Roi Yan’ for the first time, colorful, entertainment, has an atmosphere to leave the fans It is a scene where Mukmanee (Cheer Thikamporn), Deputy Editor of Keng Spin ‘Chinnkrong’ website (Toey Phongsakorn), Lawyer Pakpep by sending items to everyday But when you meet the real character, Dane ignores the hero of the story, so it makes Shin Krong extremely upset.Let’s wait and see how Shinkrue will respond, waiting to be followed in ‘Buppe Hundred Evil’

2 final episode series ‘Spark your heart, arrogant’

The organizer ‘Nong Arunocha’ leads the cast of Mr. Napat, Mindlapaslal, Most Wisarut, Mekochonnikan and Te Davich Chuan to follow the last 2 episodes of the series. ‘Spark, your arrogant heart’ fans prepare to enjoy the conclusion. And beautiful atmosphere pictures The final ending is ready to be served on the screen of Channel 3, press 33 on 26-27 December this time 10.15 hours.

Tik-Cherry reverses the sweetness ‘Kaew Ta Pee’

‘Tik Jesadaporn’ and ‘Cherry Khem Apsorn’ are preparing to return to the sweetness with the drama ‘Kaew Ta Pee’ that made an impression 14 years ago during the ‘famous drama across the time’ every morning Monday – Friday at 08.25. Beginning on 30 Dec.


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