Togo-Elections: Tchassona Traoré talks about the evils that undermine the opposition

On Sunday, the citizens’ movement for democracy and development (MCD) held its statutory congress on the sidelines of the regional and legislative elections scheduled for this year in Togo.

At the end of this meeting, the third of its kind organized by the MCD, Me Mouhamed TCHASSONA-TRAORE was reappointed as head of the party.

“This congress gave us the opportunity to better project ourselves into the future in order to give us the means to confidently approach the announced electoral deadlines requiring new directions to be taken”, declared the political actor.

During his speech for the occasion, the notary by profession, like some opposition colleagues, did not miss the opportunity to expose the evils that undermine the Togolese opposition.

“Denouncement, lies and denigration are used as a political weapon. These are evils that plague the Togolese opposition. When you do something that doesn’t work, we change strategy. We know everything we are doing wrong in this country, it is time for us to change, it is time to evolve in order to do something else”, hammered Me Mouhamed TCHASSONA-TRAORE.


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