“Togo has accomplished remarkable feats on various levels”, Chinese ambassador to Togo – Togotimes

The Chinese Ambassador to Togo, Chao Weidong declared on September 26 during the reception of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China that Togo has accomplished remarkable exploits on various levels. Citing among others, the well-being of the population, the reinforced protection of vulnerable groups, the security situation continues through PURS etc.

Economic recovery is accelerating and the business climate continues to improve; the well-being of the population is better ensured and vulnerable groups benefit from reinforced protection; the security situation continues to stabilize and the Emergency program for the savannah region (PURS) has produced tangible results. Togo, a country of peace, is keen to carry out mediations which promote dialogue, negotiation and understanding between countries and peoples. Such is the assessment of Togo’s efforts drawn up by Chinese diplomat Chao Weidong on Tuesday during the reception of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China. Several personalities were present at the premises of the Chinese Embassy in Togo.

Mr. Weidong praised these efforts of Mr. Gnassingbé’s country, specifying that, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Togo, mutual trust always remains solid, cooperation is bearing more abundant fruits and friendship is growing. deepens day by day between the two peoples.

According to the Chinese diplomat, his country remains “firmly committed alongside Togo in its effort to defend the sovereignty and security of the country, to pursue a path of development adapted to their own realities and to play an active and constructive role in both regional and international affairs.”

China and Togo are working jointly to strengthen the synergy between their respective development strategies, the “Belt and Road” initiative and the initiatives of the Forum on Sino-African Cooperation (FOCAC) on the one hand, the national plan development and the 2020-2025 roadmap on the other hand to achieve new achievements in the Sino-Togolese partnership

Chinese entrepreneurs in Togo to find business opportunities or establish permanent locations

The close cooperation between Togo and China is working wonderfully. This is evidenced by more and more Chinese entrepreneurs who have come to Togo to find business opportunities or establish their permanent establishments. Also, businessmen from Togo went to China to develop cooperation and promote trade.

On the subject of trade, the figures are edifying between the two peoples.

Chao Weidong informs that, “from January to July 2023, the volume of trade between Lomé and his country amounts to 2.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 14% compared to the same period of the year 2022.

“In the social sector, the Chinese Embassy in Togo pays particular attention to vulnerable groups, and works together with Chinese companies, Chinese nationals, and Chinese medical teams to help the population in precarious situations”said Mr. Chao Weidong.

Note that Togo is an important partner and friend of China. The diplomat states in his address that China will always be a good friend, a good brother and a good partner of Togo. And his country is willing to “walk hand in hand with Togo on the path to development”. END


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