Togo-The Moov Africa and Togocel networks given formal notice

The Moov Africa Togo (Maroc Telecom group) and Togo Cellulaire (Axian group) networks are on notice this Wednesday, May 31, 2023 for serious breaches of their quality service obligations.

The information is made public by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP). The regulatory body, in a press release, specifies that the two companies “still do not meet the regulatory compliance thresholds”. And this, despite multiple arrests against the heads of two operators based in Togo.

According to Arcep, “the non-compliance rate is 63% for Moov Africa Togo (Maroc Telecom group) and 51.4% for Togo Cellulaire (Axian group)”.

These figures reflect the weak improvement in the quality of service observed over the last eighteen (18) months of around 5% for Moov Africa Togo and 8% for Togo Cellulaire. A condition which led to the opening of a sanction procedure on March 14, 2023 against Moov Africa Togo and Togo Cellulaire by the General Management of ARCEP.

Thus, on the basis of the investigation report, the ARCEP Management Committee in its session of May 31, 2023 and after deliberation, decided to give formal notice to the two operators.

It should nevertheless be specified that a period of six (6) months is granted to them to make “the investments and implement the necessary corrective actions with a view to compliance with the regulatory indicators and thresholds of service quality under penalty of sanction” .


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