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Tokitsukaze master

The Japan Sumo Association held a board meeting at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo on the 28th, but the disposition for Tokitsu-style master (47 = Tokitsuumi in the former Makuuchi) was not decided.

The master violated the guidelines for measures against the new coronavirus set by the Sumo Association during the first venue. Despite being prohibited from going out unnecessarily and urgently, there were inappropriate acts such as going to a mahjong store.

The compliance committee of the association investigated the actions of Tokizu-style masters. The board of directors will be held again at a later date, and the details of the investigation will be examined before deciding the details of the disposition.

In September of last year, Tokitsukaze stable was found to participate in a golf competition in Miyagi prefecture during the period when he was prohibited from going out. After the fall, he was demoted from “committee” to “elderly”.



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